May 29, 2023

The effort required to tackle the ongoing climate crisis is rapidly increasing day by day. For this article, we have researched various blockchain projects tackling climate change. The ten projects are driving awareness for and developing solutions for a more sustainable future. 

Using technological innovations can provide us with a deeper understanding of the policy issues, supply chain issues, and cultural issues faced by individuals today. With the right data, tracking, and tools support can be provided to projects that commit to a more sustainable future. With the appropriate planning and development, progressive blockchain teams can create new systems that will help us to adapt to changing environments in this fast-paced world.

According to, 11 percent of all global greenhouse gas emissions caused by humans are due to deforestation. Taking data from NASA global climate change site it is clear that the planet is facing unprecedented change in our natural landscapes.

The sixth IPCC climate change report indicates that we are on a path to exceeding 1.5C global warming unless we drastically reduce emissions. It also highlights that extreme weather events have become more frequent and that greenhouse gases released by humans are a key driver of temperature changes.

With all of the drastic climate scenarios facing us how can blockchain solutions help us with these monumental challenges? The following projects are using blockchain technology to stem the negative impact of our overreliance on natural resources.

Founded in 2018, Regen Network is a project that allows farmers and individuals to track soil regeneration efforts on the blockchain. The broader vision encourages farmers to become land stewards and allows them to be rewarded for their commitment to taking care of their land. In an open market, they can sell their ecological services such as holistic grazing or agroforestry to buyers globally.

Toucan Protocol is the largest buyer of carbon offsets worldwide. Toucan is a blockchain project that is developing carbon market infrastructure. It is designed to bring the carbon market to individuals that want to support a more sustainable future. It runs on the Polygon network, an energy-efficient layer 2 blockchain. Toucan tokenize carbon credits on the blockchain.

The Climate Collective is a coalition of companies working together to build a connection between Web3 and climate action. Through collaboration, the collective can assess climate-focused organizations and connect them with streams of funding opportunities and partners. Its mission is to accelerate regenerative applications using Celo’s carbon-negative blockchain and mobile-first infrastructure.

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Klima DAO was founded by a pseudo-anonymous group of developers. It operates as decentralized autonomous organisation (DAO) and is community-governed. The main focus of Klima DAO is to motivate companies to reduce their carbon emissions by focusing on increasing the cost of carbon emissions. Klima DAO incentivizes the new supply of Base Carbon Tonnes (BCT), a tokenized version of carbon credits, on the blockchain. Moreover, the project aims to store as many BCT as possible in its treasury by buying them for KLIMA.

Filecoin Green is a Protocol Labs initiative to decarbonize the Filecoin Network. The initiative is spearheading a future of verifiably clean energy powered by crypto. By marrying blockchain’s granular tracking functionality with the information-sharing infrastructure of Web3, Filecoin Green will incentivize its network to reduce emissions. Starting with decarbonizing the Filecoin Network, the initiative then aims to build open-source tools that quantifiably measure and mitigate emissions generated from crypto-related activity.

RedemptionDAO is a movement to purchase rainforest in the Democratic Republic of Congo and co-create nature-based revenue streams with the Congolese people. Congo has one of the richest endowments of natural assets in the world, but current economic systems reward extraction over preservation. RedemptionDAO aims to launch a winning bid on one or more blocks of land. After winning, we will establish a network of community land trusts and demonstrate that nature-based revenue streams can be more profitable than selling oil.

The Sovereign Nature Initiative (SNI) fosters the exploration and development of technologies that can allow nature to become self-governing. SNI strives to reconfigure the intersection between ecology, economy, and emerging technologies. Using advanced NFT technology partnering with Unique Network, SNI is experimenting with alternative ways to give nature a voice in the development of a sustainable future.

The Shamba team is developing a digital monitoring, reporting and verification system that leverages satellite data, geospatial models and AI to power Web3 applications. Small-scale ReFi projects require accurate reporting and tracking to ensure no greenwashing is taking place. Shamba will provide the data and tools to unlock the benefits of the regenerative finance economy. is a Sao Paulo-based climate tech company pioneering the digitization of environmental assets, starting with the conservation of the Amazon rainforest. Its initial product is MCO2, a tokenized carbon credit listed on the world’s largest crypto exchange, and used by leading global corporations and institutions to instantaneously offset their corporate and customer carbon footprints. In one year, MOSS and its customers have sent more than $15 million USD to the Amazon Forest, helping preserve approximately 500 million trees. MOSS is the largest trader of voluntary carbon credits in Brazil and one of the largest in the world overall

Founded in 2017, Nori is a blockchain-backed carbon removal marketplace. Nori is on a mission to reverse climate change by removing billions of tonnes of CO2 from the atmosphere. This project supports farmers adopting regenerative agriculture projects that are sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere.

If you know Climate projects that are using or working with Blockchain technology please keep us informed.

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