March 23, 2023

The 3rd Annual Metaverse Art Week is taking place this week in Decentraland. Inspired by this year’s Venice Biennale, the third annual Metaverse Art Week will explore how the human spirit is hardwired to elicit an emotional response when presented with art inspired by mathematical designs present in nature.

Metaverse Art Week 2022 will feature immersive art installations, performance and conceptual art productions, and NFT exhibitions. The week is centered around a 3D Sculpture garden known as ‘Art Plaza,’ a gravity-defying open air museum.


“Metaverse Art Week 2022 is coming at a pivotal moment for the larger adoption of Web3 technology and decisions about our digital reality. We believe that the future of the internet should be built by decentralized communities who do not seek to profit off of user data, imagination, and creativity,” said Creative Director of the Decentraland Foundation, Sam Hamilton.

Well known NFT marketplaces Opensea, Known Origin, SuperRare, Rarible, Makers Place and Portion will have various exhibitions throughout the week.

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Frida Kahlo Family’s Red House

Frida Kahlo’s Family in collaboration with Ezel.Life, will launch the Frida Kahlo Family Red House, an immersive experience showcasing the first-half of Frida’s exceptional life. This unique partnership is bringing never-before-seen artwork from Kahlo to the metaverse through Ezel.Life’s newest NFT collection, enabling access to future Kahlo content launches.

Artnet live performances in the Metaverse

Artnet, one of the biggest art communities online, is exploring the idea of the Metaverse through performance art, live-poetry and AI during Metaverse Art Week.

Estée Lauder is participating in Decentraland Art Week with an exclusive POAP experience designed by Dr. Alex Box, renowned identity designer and pioneer of Beauty Futurism. Inspired by the legacy of visionary founder, Mrs. Estée Lauder, the POAP by Box will be available for attendees to collect and garner access to future Web3 activations from the Estée Lauder brand.

Sotheby’s new collaborations

Sotheby’s surprises with multiple new art collaborations, including the first jewelry sculpture in the metaverse with Metagolden. Throughout Art Week, Sotheby’s will display its permanent collection:

The Sculpture Garden

Over a dozen artists will exhibit their work in a virtually outdoor sculpture garden. In this exhibition featuring some of the largest scale and highest fidelity works ever seen in Decentraland.

Enjoy all of the action, exhibits, performances and panels here

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