July 17, 2024


We always like real crypto things, and while attending Bitcoin 2023 in Miami earlier this year, I had the pleasure of meeting Scott and Malory Sibley, the creators of a STEM-approved card game called SHAmory, which is a kid-focused memory card game that aims to teach some of the fundamentals about blockchain and bitcoin.

However, what caught my eye at their booth was a book they had called Goodnight Bitcoin, with bright artwork. As a dad of three crypto babies, I immediately picked up a copy to bring back to Ireland with me. The kids hear bitcoin around the house, and with some of the merch I’ve collected, they’re well used to seeing the symbol on plastic coins that they play with day to day.

So I thought I’d write up a little review of the book here, and it certainly is a nice change from some of the more-tangible crypto platforms, or wallet/mining focused stuff that we’d normally review here on Bitcoins In Ireland.


The book tells the story of the creation of bitcoin, through vibrant artwork, and introduces the two protaginists of the story, Satoshi, a furry purple monster with horns, and Hal, another top-hat adorned monster in red and orange. Satoshi had an idea, but he couldn’t do it alone. He called his buddy, and between them they set out to create a new form of money (bitcoin), which all the other monsters thought was impossible and hilarious.

They used maths and cryptography, and in January 2009 created the first block in what was to go on and become the bitcoin blockchain. Over time, they recruited new monsters to help, but Satoshi disappeared in 2011, but the network he left behind continued to add blocks one by one. The story then says goodnight to the blocks, the miners, satoshi’s, nodes before Hal flies to the moon on a rocketship.

The book itself is high quality card, and it’s held out quite well. While away on business, my wife will often read it to the kids, and they do go looking for it from time to time as they like the artwork in the book. The words also rhyme quite nicely, and it’s a nice little five minute bedtime story for them. The quality of the book, with glossy card holds out quite well to toddlers pulling at it between them, and is easy to wipe and clean, an important thing when bedtime is often accompanied by biscuit covered hands or milk being splashed from bottles.

The guys have a range of products including some magnets of the characters, as well as the book and it’s sequel, “If You Give A Monster A Bitcoin” are both available for $14.99 + shipping, and they accept credit cards or bitcoin on the mainnet or lightning network. There are also a couple of bundles available, with the two books for $26.99, the SHAmory game standalone for $19.99, the two books and the game for $44.99 or a mega bundle containing both books, the card game, and another thing called a Sats Ledger, which is a pair of savings ledgers (ie one for your child, one for someone else such as a parent) who can write down transactions (such as pocket money earned) in both, and shows the concept of a decentralized ledger. There’s also a 10% discount code available if you sign up to their newsletter.

So it’s an ideal book if you’ve your own crypto baby, have a friend or family member expecting, or are looking to introducing younger kids to some of the basic concepts behind bitcoin and crypto in general.

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