March 31, 2023

For those of you who donโ€™t fancy a trip to Dublinโ€™s latest Southside bitcoin atm, there has been a new kiosk placed in It-Fix on Parnell Street, beside Chapters Bookstore, which lets you purchase bitcoin and ethereum with cash.

On a recent trip into town, I decided to go in to attempt to purchase some ethereum, although at the time there wasnโ€™t any ethereum in the machine, so I purchased some bitcoin instead. The kiosk is easy to use, with a touch screen control. When you activate the machine, you can choose between bitcoin and ethereum. As I had bought bitcoin the last time, I thought Iโ€™d try getting some ethereum this time around.ย  After clicking buy, youโ€™re then given three choices for amounts. As with the other machine, you can buy under โ‚ฌ250 without anything, if youโ€™re purchasing between โ‚ฌ250 and โ‚ฌ500 you need to enter your phone number and then enter a code in order to proceed, while if youโ€™re purchasing over โ‚ฌ500 you need to get your ID verified in store, which can take up to half an hour.

I was just buying a small amount, ten euro in this case, but the machine was empty and was unable to fulfill my request, although I could see the fee for an ethereum purchase is โ‚ฌ1.00. I went back to go through the process and buy bitcoin instead, which it was able to give me. I entered by bitcoin wallet address by scanning my Coinbase QR code, and after a few seconds it had my bitcoin address. I fed cash in, and then it offered me a price, and a fee of โ‚ฌ1.50 for the purchase. I proceeded, and after only a few seconds the transaction was sent across the blockchain, and I could see the unconfirmed transaction in my wallet, which confirmed a short time later.

So all in all the process took less than five minutes. So if youโ€™re looking to purchase bitcoin or etherum on the Northside of Dublin, this is your option now that GSM Solutions, home of the previous one, has closed down.

You can read all our articles about Irish Bitcoin ATMs to find one near you that’s available to use. You can receive a 20% transaction fee discount on your first purchase of โ‚ฌ100 or more using promo code BITIRL on any Bitcove ATM.

We get asked all the time the handiest ways to buy crypto. Don’t want to wait? Buy crypto with your credit/debit card with CEX, get major crypto’s with very low fees at Coinmate (which supports topup by Revolut) or get a full range of altcoins and cryptos with Binance. A little more expensive but simpler and more convenient if you want a mobile is Coinbase.

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