July 24, 2024


Alien Worlds announced the official launch of its in-game DAOs (Syndicates), an innovative gaming experience, and a first for the Web3 and gaming industries. 

The Planetary Syndicates within Alien Worlds gives players the opportunity to govern their own communities, manage and allocate digital assets within their treasuries, and collaborate and compete against one another for Trilium (TLM), Alien Worlds’ token.

“After more than two years of development and scaling, our in-game DAOs are ready to be run by players. This is not only critical to gameplay, since each planet is ultimately competing for supremacy, but it is also crucial to our mission: to transform the ways players are experiencing gaming, and ultimately giving them control of their own experience” said Alien Worlds Co-Founder, Saro McKenna.

“The DAO structure uniquely allows players to become co-owners of their planet and the system they are part of. The structure of our DAO ecosystem is incredibly empowering to our community and to anyone who adopts the DAO architecture,” she said.

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Players strategize, collaborate, and compete with one another with the goal of earning Trilium. Players can pledge their support to a planet by staking Trilium within a planet, giving them voting power in planetary elections and the ability to submit proposals on how to distribute the millions of assets within the treasury. Elected custodians can vote on proposals and make decisions regarding the planet’s treasury.

Global Head of Engineering at Alien Worlds, Dallas Johnson, said: “We have seen a shift from gamers simply playing games to wanting to control and create their own narratives and gameplay. This new wave of gamers will be the future and we are so excited to be at the forefront of it.

“Our main goal of building this DAO system is to empower users to have security and autonomy by placing as much of the crucial logic within the smart contracts without off-chain single points of failure.

“Our DAO technical architecture is purpose-built to allow us to enhance the system with new optional features for the foreseeable future. With the launch of the Syndicates, users have significant influence in the DAO decision-making process, democratizing DAOs to allow everyone to participate, not just large token holders.”

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