May 29, 2023

Binance Labs is planning to build a Web3 developer community, but the specific information has not been disclosed yet, Binance announced on Thursday.

The newly established Web3 developer community will be open to existing and future Web3 developers, including Web3 project technical leaders or computer science students exploring careers in Web3.

Binance said selected respondents would be invited by email to participate in discussions in late September.

Binance Labs is the incubation and venture capital arm of the crypto exchange Binance.

Founded in April 2018, Binance Labs promotes top projects promoting Web3 and blockchain technology by identifying, investing in, and empowering promising blockchain entrepreneurs, startups, and community support.

Last month, Binance, the world’s largest digital currency trading platform, appointed co-founder, He Yi to lead Binance Labs, its $7.5 billion venture capital arm.

Binance Labs has seen cumulative protocol growth of 2,100% since its inception. Binance Labs currently manages up to $7.5 billion in assets (AUM), with FTX, CertiK, Polygon, and Dune Analytics among its flagship protocols.

Binance Labs envisions Web3 as the next-generation Internet, where digital information is enabled by blockchain technology, interconnected in a decentralized manner, and publicly owned by users.

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