March 26, 2023

This is an opinion editorial by Ray Youssef, CEO of Paxful and cofounder of the Built With Bitcoin Foundation.

While Bitcoin adoption continues to grow around the world, education remains one of our biggest challenges. Financial literacy should be a right, but in many places around the world, people are denied this — or even worse, are misinformed. But how do you tackle a subject like Bitcoin? In my experience, it’s the one-on-one connections that have made the strongest impact.

It Starts With Trust

The foundation of any good relationship starts with trust. I learned this at a very young age. When I was a kid working at my parents’ newsstand in New York City, I often encountered customers from all walks of life and had to navigate how I approached each situation. To give the customers what they needed, I realized I could only do that by listening to them. This job taught me patience and empathy, allowing me to understand customer problems early on and find the solutions to help them.

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