June 25, 2024


BlueSnap, the payment orchestration platform for B2B and B2C businesses, has expanded its partnership with eCommerce agency, objectsource in order “to support online sellers across Europe.”

The paytech firm has teamed up with the London-based consultancy “to enhance its integration with popular shopping cart plug-in Magento /Adobe Commerce, adding new payment methods – GooglePay and ApplePay, iDeal and Sofort.”

BlueSnap has “been objectsource’s payment partner of choice over the last five years, while the eCommerce consultancy serves as the paytech’s System Integrator (SI), responsible for building and maintaining updates to the Magento / Adobe Commerce plug-in for BlueSnap.”

Their combined efforts “allow retailers to localise the payment experience by offering consumers more familiar ways to pay, which will reduce friction in the checkout experience for shoppers and help increase merchants’ conversions.”

This ability to scale into EU markets through the Magento /Adobe Commerce platform “will enable objectsource’s customers, which include retailers Katie Loxton, FLOWERBX and Astley Clarke, to shift into the digital space and expand to global audiences.”

Nikhita Hyett, EU MD of BlueSnap, said:

“We are bridging the gap between international retailers and global consumers by expanding our long-standing relationship with objectsource. It comes at a time when convenient and familiar payment experiences are only predicted to grow in Europe, with digital wallets such as Google Pay expected to compete side by side with credit-cards by 2026. Our expansion allows global retailers to reach those EU consumers and objectsource’s expertise in Magento is key to achieving this.”

Rebecca Jones, CEO of objectsource, said:

“As the EU landscape continues to shift towards digital ecosystems, an enhanced payment experience is something we see as a necessity. We strongly believe in the power of Magento / Adobe Commerce as retailers can grow three times faster on average, but our work with BlueSnap helps retailers truly adapt to changing consumer behaviours, furthering their global reach. BlueSnap’s payment capabilities perfectly compliment our eCommerce offering, and we are excited to see how our joint efforts help merchants reach new heights.”

The new integration with objectsource is “the latest in a string of partnerships for BlueSnap, as the payment orchestrator continues to enhance its leading global payment capabilities for a growing network of retailers.”

As covered, BlueSnap helps businesses “accept global payments a better way.”

Their Payment Orchestration Platform is “designed to increase sales and reduce costs for all businesses accepting payments.”

BlueSnap supports payments “across all geographies through multiple sales channels such as online and mobile sales, marketplaces, subscriptions, invoice payments and manual orders through a virtual terminal.”

BlueSnap, objectsource to Enhance Magento Integration for EU Market Republished from Source https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2022/11/198325-bluesnap-objectsource-to-enhance-magento-integration-for-eu-market/ via https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/feed/




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