May 23, 2024


Layer-1 blockchain technology, BNB Chain, has announced its partnership with Google Clouds, a collaboration that will see decentralized applications and smart contracts hosted on the protocol gain access to the cloud service provider’s infrastructures. 


While there is a growth in the number of decentralized cloud infrastructure service providers in the blockchain world, centralized alternatives still have some competitive advantage over protocols looking to host their servers. As a major player in the cloud infrastructure world, Google Clouds has somewhat been less visible when compared to Amazon Web Services (AWS) amongst crypto firms.

The partnership between BNB Chain and Google Cloud is a strategic cooperation and will see as many as 1500 DApps residents on the former utilize the cloud’s advanced analytics for on-chain data. Per the terms of the partnership, “about 150 projects under a BNB-focused accelerator program will also get ‘accelerated access’ to Google Cloud’s startup support program.”

“Google Cloud is a very good Web2 player and has really done a lot of Web3 stuff. It’s important for us to just work with big players who have big visions, and we share the same DNA and same visions,” said Gwendolyn Regina, investment director of BNB Chain.

The Google Cloud and BNB Chain partnership is not a new thing, given that many tech giants nowadays are exploring avenues to link up with active players in the space. Back in October 2020, Google Cloud joined the EOS blockchain as a block producer candidate.

Besides the active engagement on the part of Google Cloud, other major players, including Microsoft Azure and AWS, also have highly acclaimed partnerships with exchanges and protocols. In one of such deals, revealed it adopted AWS as its cloud service of choice for scalability and security back in December 2020 as it looks to establish its footholds in the ecosystem at the time.

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