July 18, 2024


It’s time for Brian Armstrong to make his move. While other billionaire CEOs try to buy bankrupt crypto companies on the cheap, the Coinbase leader is focusing his sights on hard science. To announce his new endeavors Brian Armstrong visited Tim Ferriss’ podcast. In that interview, he expanded on the deep topics that the companies he’ll fund deal with. Make no mistake, though. The real announcement was that Brian Armstrong is selling Coinbase stock.

In a recent Twitter thread, the Coinbase CEO wrote, “I’m passionate about accelerating science and tech to help solve some of the biggest challenges in the world. To further this, I’m planning to sell about 2% of my Coinbase holdings over the next year to fund scientific research and companies like NewLimit + ResearchHub.” What are those companies and what do they do? Keep reading to find out.

Considering the alarming amount of crypto CEOs leaving their positions, it’s important that Brian Armstrong cleared this up. “For the avoidance of doubt, I intend to be CEO of Coinbase for a very long time and I remain super bullish on crypto and Coinbase. I’m fully dedicated to growing our business and advancing our mission, but I am also excited to contribute in a different way,” he tweeted.

What are the ideas that excite Brian Armstrong this much? Let’s find out.

Brian Armstrong ’s ResearchHub And NewLimit

So, Brian Armstrong will “fund scientific research and companies like NewLimit + ResearchHub.” What do those companies stand for, though? Well, ResearchHub is “a  tool for the open publication and discussion of scientific research. Researchhub’s users are rewarded with ResearchCoin (RSC) for publishing, reviewing, criticizing, and collaborating in the open.” Interesting, an open scientific think tank with a cryptocurrency component.

For its part, ResearchCoin is both a utility token and a governance token. “RSC gives users the ability to create bounties, tip other users, and gain voting rights within community decision making.” This is the project’s Twitter account.

On the other hand, NewLimit is “treating age-related disease to extend human healthspan” and “developing epigenetic reprogramming medicines to treat diseases with large unmet needs.” This is their Twitter account. This one is in the life extension business, but the specifics are harder to grasp. Luckily, NewLimit offers a blog post authored by Brian Armstrong himself in which he goes deep into the topic at hand:

“NewLimit will start by deeply interrogating epigenetic drivers of aging and developing products that can regenerate tissues to treat specific patient populations. We will start by using primary human cells and reference species to develop machine learning models on what chromatin features change with age, which of these changes may be causal to the aging process, and finally develop therapies that could slow, halt, or reverse this process.”

In that same blog post, we learn that the company was “co-founded by Brian Armstrong and Blake Byers with the mission of extending human healthspan.” And thus, we figure out that Coinbase CEO is the money behind both companies.

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The Tim Ferriss Interview

To launch his new endeavors in the right way, Brian Armstrong went to the popular Tim Ferriss podcast. In it, he presented the reasoning behind his investments. “I think we’re kind of in this golden age of software where fortunes are being made. But some of that wealth, even in crypto, is now being directed into hard science, hard science problems, atoms, not bits,” he said.

As to what the company actually does, Armstrong explained that they’re trying to “build a platform that tests a lot of different transcription factors with different cell types and uses machine learning to do that in a virtuous cycle.” He also explained the entrepreneurial spirit behind the whole ordeal.

“We’re trying to help humans live much longer, not just a little bit longer. But I think in any good moonshot company, you want to have intermediate milestones along the way. And so the intermediate milestones are more like, could we get a specific type of cell to be rejuvenated and be younger?”

About ResearchHub, the Coinbase CEO confirmed that it is “another company that I funded and tried to help get off the ground.” What does this one do? 

“We’re trying to make it easy for people to sort through all of the millions of papers that are published every year to what are the most impactful. We’re trying to help get things like peer review, Q&A, comments, feedback around research to be more collaborative with people.”

And those are the ideas that Brian Armstrong will dedicate the next part of his life to. While at the same time serving as Coinbase’s CEO, of course.

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