July 18, 2024


ByBit is bringing another great feature to its clients in the form of crypto loans in their Bybit Earn product. It is getting easier to make crypto assets liquid without selling them, and in that field, ByBit introduced new crypto lending tools across a range of assets.

As the third most visited crypto exchange globally, ByBit is in a great position to help liquifiy the crypto markets with collateralized crypto loans that can be used to expand margins, create returns via lending, or be withdrawn for any purpose.

ByBit’s 10 million+ clients can tap into liquidity and borrow BTC, ETH, XRP, USDT and USDC.

In addition, there is no penalty for paying back loans at any time, and it is simple to repay the loans.

Ben Zhou, the co-founder and CEO of Bybit, commented,

“There are vast opportunities for our investors in this bear market…Bybit Crypto Loans provide maximum flexibility. Savvy users can now put their stablecoin and crypto stacks to work to increase their crypto asset holdings, and take advantage of the many trading and passive income opportunities available on Bybit and beyond.”

ByBit Makes it Easy to Exploit Rates and More

With the crypto loans ByBit introduced, clients have immediate access to the funds, which are extremely useful. For example, the loan can be used to hedge a position, or also loaned out at a higher interest rate via ByBit’s lending platform, Bybit Earn.

USDT Perpetual with ByBit traders have the opportunity to up a Position Margin by collateralizing assets and borrowing USDT to pump the margin up.

Of course, the borrowed funds can be withdrawn, and taken off platform, where they can be used for just about anything. With these tools, ByBit is giving its clients loads of options for their crypto assets, and idle tokens no longer have to be a money-losing asset.

Better Than Gold!

Many people think of Bitcoin as digital gold, but it simply is easier to tap into flexibile liquidity with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major tokens.

Instead of moving around metal, and dealing with custody agreements, programs like the one ByBit just introduced makes turning tokens into liquidity a snap, and the borrowed funds can flow anywhere. There are no gatekeepers in the world of cryptos, and no minimums on most platforms.

The practical upshot to this is that token holders of any size can start using advanced financial engineering, which was reserved for the top-tier of the financial world up to this point.

There isn’t a legacy bank in the world that would allow a retail client to use a small amount of funds as collateral for a loan, and then allow them to buy a interest bearing product that creates passive returns. You have to be a hedge fund to do that – but not anymore.

ByBit is a Well Connected Innovator

ByBit has a range of tools for crypto investors that give its clients options that would be hard to tap otherwise. It offers trading in many crypto assets, and also has leveraged trading tools that allow its clients to use leverage to add

In addition, ByBit is cemented its position in the global business community with connections to Oracle Red Bull Racing, NAVI, Astralis, Alliance, Virtus.pro, Made in Brazil (MIBR), City Esports, and Oracle Red Bull Racing Esports, in addition to Borussia Dortmund and Avispa Fukuoka.

ByBit offers multilingual support to its clients across all its trading platforms and financial tools. The new crypto lending facilities that ByBit introduced are a welcome addition to its platform, and you can learn more about the lending options ByBit clients have by clicking here!


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