June 14, 2024


Singapore-based digital currency trading platform has announced its latest partnership with SignalPlus, a high-tech powered Options trading dashboard provider in the crypto industry.


According to Bybit, the partnership will help in enhancing the trading platform’s options trading to its users, further establishing it as one of the mainstream crypto exchanges around.


“Considered as the standard bearer for crypto options, SignalPlus will be an excellent tool for our users to elevate their trading experience,” said Ben Zhou, co-founder, and CEO of Bybit. “We look forward to bringing our products and services to the next level with this partnership with SignalPlus, and our users benefiting from its functionalities.” 


Bybit said the partnership with SignalPlus will serve as a boost to its deep liquidity as an options trader. 


With the crypto winter dragging on, exchanges are exploring the current weak ecosystem to revitalize their product offerings across the board. While some of its competitors including Zipmex and Vauld Group have gone bankrupt, Bybit has continued to promote its business outlook to capture some of the market shares of these competitors.


With SignalPlus’ technology, Bybit believes it will be well positioned to help its users go further in trades at periods of extreme volatility and enjoy maximum profitability


“Bybit is an absolute first-class exchange with an incredible tech infrastructure, which is the perfect companion to leverage SignalPlus’ proprietary tech offerings. Together, we aspire to be the leading platform to serve the industry’s crypto options needs, and we couldn’t be more excited about our immediate journey ahead,” said Chris Yu, co-founder, and CEO of SignalPlus. 

While Bybit is known for these functional partnerships, the firm has also cut down on its bogus spending in promotions, and it was amongst the trading platforms that cut down on their employee count in the wake of the crypto winter.


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