July 24, 2024


Charitablez, a social platform, dedicated to improving the future of fundraising has won the Reimaging Fundraising Challenge 2022. The award was given at the International Fundraising Congress in Amsterdam this week. 

Over 700 charities attended the event to discover how charity tokens can help NGO’s engage with the younger generation. This challenge was initiated by UNICEF, WWF, UNHCR, SOS Children’s Villages, Médecins Sans Frontières, World Vision, Amnesty International, ICRC, Four Paws, OXFAM, Care and Plan International.

Luc Hyijdra, Co-Founder of Charitablez

Luc Hyijdra, Co-Founder of Charitablez

As winners of reimagining fundraising 2022 Charitablez will have the opportunity to work with an innovation hub, using their prize money and NGO funding to help develop and scale their solutions. In the Hub, the selected solutions will have access to coaching from the 12 international NGO partners as well as sponsors, including Twilio and Blackboud. The results of in-market testing will be shared with all participants of reimagining fundraising through the Hub. Charitablez won this challenge with a co-application with Oxfam (www.Oxfam.org).

Reimagining Co-Director Nick Allen expressed his support for the innovative projcet, “We offer special thanks to Luc Hijdra for presenting charitablez, one of Reimagining Fundraising’s 17 nominees, at the International Fundraising Congress in the Netherlands”. 

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Charitablez is the world’s first social engagement platform and official provider of charity Tokens. They are building an all-in-one platform that helps charities with interacting with a younger audience through interactive features that focus on awareness and engagement. Apart from these features, Charitablez is a tokenizing provider that is introducing ‘’Trade & Donate’’ as a new way of fundraising. When someone trades a $AMNESTY or $UNICEF token for example, 1% of every transaction is automatically donated to the associated NGO. These tokens generate micro-donations and therefore it is very attractive for NGOs to become tokenized by Charitablez.

” Winning this award is a monumental achievement for our team. We were delighted that Charitablez sparked the interest of charities focused on shaping the future of giving and this is recognition for the time and energy invested in the project to date” says Charitablez Co-Founder, Luc Hijdra

Robby Muilman, COO of Charitablez believes that one can trade the world a better place, “The technology is ready to be showcased to the world. We are proud to empower a new generation of philanthropists and support existing charities to fulful their vision for a better world.”

“One of the biggest challenges that charities are facing for many years is how to reach and interact with the new generation. Charitablez helps charities to get them in touch with the new generation by building a bridge between traditional charity organisations and the crypto space through tokenization and other web3.0 tools,” continues Muilman.


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