July 21, 2024


Barely a week after the news of the brawl with Ethereum Classic made the rounds, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson has publicly declared he is cutting ties with the XRP community.


According to the conversation gleaned from his tweet, Charles seems to have been the main figure behind a ton of trolls associated with the XRP community.

As an outspoken critic of many projects, it comes off as though many supporters of the XRP coin have been taking their pound of flesh on the legendary blockchain developer. Per his tweet, all of the trolling may be coming to an end.

“I think I’ve blocked most of the XRP trolls who continue to harass unprovoked. I’ve never seen a group so radically pick up a few words and run with it. Great job turning an ally into someone disgusted and totally checked out,” he said.

While many support Charles’ actions, a renowned XRP advocate, XRPcryptowolf, jumped into the conversation and advised Charles not to stereotype an entire community based on the behaviour of a selected few. However, Charles seems unperturbed in his stance, stating further;

“It isn’t a few trolls. It’s been an endless harassment campaign for days. I’m done with it. I want nothing more to do with XRP. The community has accomplished nothing but harming itself. Congratulations.” 

Actions and reactions are often tagged as balanced in what comes off as an open industry. Charles earlier confiscated the Twitter account that has served the Ethereum Classic community since 2016 and recently re-purposed it for the Ergo Community. The account has over 600k followers forcing the Ethereum Classic protocol to start building its community all over again. 

A number of industry observers were not cool with the events and how things played out, and for that reason, many may still be coming for Charles in ways he may not have envisaged.

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