July 18, 2024


DeFiHelper, an advanced platform for yield farming and trading aimed to make decentralized finance more approachable and secure for regular users, has announced an open strategic funding round. The project is seeking new partners and investors with Web3 focused portfolios.

DeFiHelper is a platform that would turn decentralized asset portfolio management into a top notch experience by providing a set of solutions currently absent in the Web3 ecosystem.

The platform is focused on two modes: decentralized assets trading and liquidity pools investing. The features are designed to make DeFi simpler and safer and to boost users' APY (Annual Percentage Yield). "Survive crypto winter with a profit" is DeFiHelper's current value proposition, which is entirely on point.

For example, DeFiHelper levels up stop-losses with "trailing". In case an asset price goes up x10 of the one when the initial order had been set, the stop-loss will automatically update too, so if it goes down the user would exit their position with maximised profits. 

DeFiHelper goes further and adds stop-losses to liquidity pool investments (a mechanism used by DEXes to “crowdsource” liquidity in exchange for a cut of trading fees and interest for the pool investors). The service constantly monitors the pools the user has invested in, in case the user's liquidity value falls beyond a set threshold, the algorithm will automatically remove and sell LP tokens, sending stable coins back to the user's wallet, thus protecting their investment.

Another big feature in the DeFiHelper's shortlist is flashbot protection. Total extracted value by the flashbot attacks has tripled in the last two years, reaching over $600 million in mid-2022. Currently there are no protections against frontrunning even on the most popular token swaps and DeFiHelper is about to fix that by using private nodes to process transactions instead of the mempool.

Combined with other advanced features, such as pool profiling (currently in development) and staking automation (earned interest is automatically autostaked to the current pool balance, which provides compound interest), DeFiHelper is about to offer more user-friendly and risk-avert trading and yield farming strategies for its users.

An important thing to note, DeFiHelper is working on top of already established and thriving DEXes and swaps, augmenting their core functionality with the tools of its own making. Right now the platform supports more than ten popular DeFi blockchains and fifty exchanges and attracts new users daily (over 5000 new wallets connected to the platform in the last six months).

“While the market is oversaturated with portfolio management tools and wanna-be ecosystem wallets with clear established leaders, some crucial end-user problems remain unattended. We've decided to focus on helping our users survive the crypto winter and bear market by not just providing the means to protect their assets, but also the tools to prospect for profits” says Vladislav Komissarov, DeFiHelper CEO and Founder.

Funding secured in the previous round led by the Big Brain Holdings, 6K Starter, and Crypto OMG allowed the team to buidl and refine the core of their product. Now DeFiHelper is aiming to put the platform on track towards mass adoption.

Web3 focused funds, products, and strategic investors sharing the vision of better, safer and approachable for a wide audience DeFi are welcome!

Be the first to try the DeFi of the future hands-on with the DeFiHelper tester programme. Fill in this form (https://defihelper.typeform.com/tradingtest) and gain access to new and in-development features first!

About DeFiHelper

DeFiHelper is the only one solution in DeFi where all your investments are protected by stop-loss and take-profits.

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