October 4, 2023

No more bandaids for a broken global healthcare system

In this article, the reader is shown how the global pandemic has exhausted our healthcare system. Blockchain technology is one way to protect an already failing system from further destruction. It can also improve efficiency within the healthcare communications infrastructure. 

Protecting patients for the future has to be a number one priority and this feature details how medical records and all patient information can be safely stored on the blockchain.

The benefits of blockchain in the Travel Industry

As with other industries, the travel industry has begun to experiment with blockchain solutions. In this detailed account the author details the benefits of blockchain technology for the travel industry. As travel often relies on multiple playes working together and sharing information, there is often room for error across different systems. 

The author rightly points out that the industry also involves multiple sectors. From hotels to car rental to airlines and more. Providing detail on Flare Network’s State connector technology, the article highlights how chains working together, allow sectors to work together and allow easy flow of valuable information between the relevant parties.

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SWIFT messenger for the financial world to pilot Blockchain

SWIFT, Society for Worldwide Interbank Financial Telecommunications, the world’s leading provider of secure financial messaging services has tapped into Symbiont to help it improve operational efficiencies in non-revenue generating activities for thousands of its users worldwide. Symbiont, a leading technology company will help SWIFT in increasing the accuracy of corporate action workflow.

How blockchain can help to fight climate change

This article details just some of the ways that blockchain technology can help us to better track, report and analyze the impact of climate change.

Why Crypto needs more women

Gender imbalances are nothing new. However, in the world of Web3 where it is still very much is an early growth and adoption phase, it is a critical time to position women as core members within projects. This article highlights the importance of women within these leading roles. A report from Crypto.com suggests that the number of users could reach an astonishing 1 billion by the end of 2022. Women will make up

The Ethereum Merge has big implications for crypto mining and bitcoin


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