July 16, 2024


Earnpark gives a free $30 deposit to the first 100 users!

Earnpark is a crypto investment platform that provides financial services for investors looking to earn interest using cryptocurrencies (digital assets). Earnpark is incorporated in London, United Kingdom and founded by the team ranking among the TOP 100 qualified liquidity providers for the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance .

The team generates hedged crypto yield through investment strategies for passive income at various user risk profiles. Their plan is to democratize the hedge fund market which is now not available to regular retail investors.

Earnpark is a liquidity provider that maximizes profitability by developing, automating, and algorithmizing its own strategies in the CeFi and DeFi markets.

Tools that are used for yield-generation:

  • DeFi yield strategies, such as automated concentrated liquidity providing on Uniswap V3, the strategy is hedged from impermanent loss volatility.

  • Market Maker strategies, they develop and use delta-neutral and arbitrage strategies

  • and more.

Deposit your crypto and start earning immediately with no lock-in periods or minimum deposits.

When you deposit coins to Earnpark and earn up to 20% APY, you gain interest. The minimal deposit term is one day and the maximum is unlimited. Your Earnpark Interest Account works as a bank deposit and enables you to earn up to 20% annual interest just for depositing supported assets.

Strategies are being developed for different risk profiles of users. 

The earnings payout will arrive in your account every day on a 24-hour basis.

What about security?

Earnpark follows all the industry best practices for IT security checks, data protection, access rights, and data encryption. They are constantly raising the bar for the security standards so that users can sleep well.

Cold crypto storage

  • 95% of crypto assets are stored offline in cold multi-signature wallets

  • 5% of crypto assets are stored in hot wallets allowing users to make instant automatic deposits/withdrawals 

Protected infrastructure

Security is the most essential part of every investment platform. Earnpark funds are managed through tokens spread across different addresses within Fireblocks vault infrastructure.

Each transaction goes through the multi-signature process, monitored by 3 team members. The connection to the protocols is provided via WalletConnect, so that the private keys never leave the multisig and are not compromised anywhere.

Two-factor authentication

2FA is used to confirm each login attempt, funds withdrawal, and other crucial account actions.

Digital assets work for you with Earnpark. 

Start earning immediately at earnpark.com

Official links:

Website – https://earnpark.com/

Twitter – https://twitter.com/_Earnpark

Discord – https://discord.gg/8RYpfDABaS 

Reddit – https://reddit.com/r/earnpark/

Telegram community – https://t.me/earnpark_community

Media Contact:

Name: Vera Yurkova

Official email: vera@earnpark.com

PR Contact: 

Name: Surojit Maji

Email: info@mediaxwire.com

Telegram:  @Surojitmediaxwire  


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