June 8, 2023

The core developers of Ethereum are aiming for April 12 for the Shanghai hard fork mainnet launch following the recent Goerli testnet launch.

The Ethereum developer Tim Beiko announced the launch date for the Shanghai hard fork (also known as Shapella) in a live stream of Execution Layer Meeting 156. The team aims to get Shanghai on the mainnet on epoch 620,9536 after it passes the developers voting on GitHub.

Shanghai Had a Bumpy Hard Fork on Testnet

On Wednesday, the Goerli testnet was hard forked but received low developers’ participation. Beiko wrote on Twitter, “given the ETH is worthless, there’s less incentive to run a validator/monitor it.”

He believes the mainnet launch to go smoothly, unlike the Goerli testnet. He explains that the testnet nodes “are more likely being run with less resources than mainnet ones.”

Some users are frustrated with various delays in the upgrade.

Finally, the Shanghai hard fork will bring relief to the users as they can unlock the staked Ethereum (ETH) from the Beacon Chain. It is one of the biggest upgrades after the last year’s Merge, which transitioned Ethereum from proof-of-work to a proof-of-stake consensus mechanism.

The upgrade will unlock over 16 million ETH, which makes up 14% of the current supply.

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