July 16, 2024


Fantom was one of the best performers of 2021, moving from a low of $0.153 in July to $3.44 in October, an incredible 22x profit in only 3 months for those holding from the bottom.

2022 does not have the same story, though, with FTM sinking from over $3.00 in January to the current lows of around $0.20, the price at the time of writing being $0.2047. This represents a loss of 94% for those buying the top, quite the reversal.

The majority of this loss comes from the failure of the Andre Cronje-backed protocol Solidly, which failed to produce results after a flaw in the DEX was found by other development teams, alongside several Fantom whales being liquidated in large volumes.

For the first time since 2020, Fantom went into the 1D oversold RSI in May of this year and subsequently bounced 80% in a short period after. Since that time, FTM has been creating a gigantic 1D bullish divergence over a period of 5 months, signaling a bottom has formed.

Another protocol that will find itself making a large positive price movement in Q1 2023 is Oryen Network.

Just beginning its presale period, the demand over time is analyzed by an algorithm. This then automatically adjusts the presale price, which has resulted in a +50% increase in the price in a short period of only a few weeks, despite this demand being in a bearish macro trend. 

If considering bull market conditions, it is likely to see ORY making a strong move to around $1.65 from its current price of $0.075. This is the probable scenario due to the reasonable market cap of the platform, currently valued at under $2 million, although this is likely to change again soon.

Accumulating these now will most likely generate fantastic returns in the coming 5 months.


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