July 18, 2024


Paylink Solutions has entered into a partnership with benefits digital solution provider, Inbest, in order to provide precise information to clients about benefits and social funding.

More than 8 million households in the United Kingdom are presently missing out on benefits worth £16 billion. The most common reason for this is that consumers are either unaware of benefits they’re supposed to receive or they simply assume they’re not eligible.

This collaboration means that every client completing a budget via Paylink’s Embark software will automatically know what they’re entitled to when it comes to receiving benefits, grants, and social funding, and they are able to access all the information they required, simply, in one place.

As funding is always changing and new initiatives to support the cost of living are being offered, Inbest accesses the latest information in order to ensure an accurate reflection of eligibility is being provided.

The benefit amount will automatically update within Embark, with the client and the agent able to view the benefit figure. This is subject to the customer wanting the agent and the client to see the figure.

For Paylink clients, who make up some of the United Kingdom’s major financial services organizations, the latest integration will fit easily into existing digital journeys, considerably enhancing customer outcomes, and offering a proper tool for agents to help their customers, especially those who are vulnerable.

Paylink Solutions CEO Susan Rann stated:

“Benefit applications are overly complex and require vulnerable customers to search for financial information in their bank statements. Through our new partnership with Inbest, we’ll take the pain away from this process, ensuring the most up-to-date information is being provided to our clients and their customers to create the best possible financial outcomes. We’re absolutely committed to improving the financial wellbeing and resilience of UK households. The timing has never been more crucial as we continue to face a cost-of-living crisis and rising interest rates.”

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