July 17, 2024


Retirable, which claims to be the “first-of-its-kind” holistic retirement solution with the ongoing care of an advisor, unveiled additional retirement income and investing offerings to its advisory and planning services.

Designed for the 50 million Americans approaching retirement in the next decade without a formal retirement plan, Retirable “offers ongoing management from a dedicated fiduciary advisor to help clients spend retirement income efficiently, make savings last, and navigate key decisions throughout retirement.”

Retirable has also “announced $6M in funding led by Primary, with additional investments from Vestigo Ventures, Diagram, Portage and Primetime. To date, Retirable has raised a total of $10.7M.”

Retirable claims it “has successfully disrupted today’s retirement model using its proprietary technology, and has built more than 50,000 plans over the last two years, helping pre-retirees and retirees build confident retirement plans.”

Retirable’s new services are “designed to fit every client’s unique retirement income needs and lifestyle goals while expanding access to affordable and efficient retirement planning services — all with the ongoing care of a fiduciary advisor.”

Tyler End, CEO at Retirable, stated:

“As a society, we generally associate retirement with big trips or purchasing vacation homes, but what we’ve found at Retirable is that most everyday Americans are actually looking to maintain the comfort and joy of their current lifestyle for as long as they are able. We know many retirees could benefit in the long-run if they had easy access to an affordable retirement solution and someone to help them navigate that journey. Retirable is committed to our clients, ensuring they have the ability to still do what they love and enjoy their golden years without financial worry.”

Retirable’s income service “helps clients effectively decumulate their retirement savings by sending monthly direct paychecks aligned with the planned amount to sustain their lifestyle.”

In addition to a dedicated advisor, Retirable clients “receive personalized investment portfolios that balance short-term income with long-term growth.” Retirable allocates “an individual’s assets into three distinct buckets: cash, stability and growth — designed to produce reliable monthly income for the duration of their retirement.”

A 2019 study by TransAmerica Center “found that 46% of workers are guessing about their retirement savings needs.”

The same study also “found that only one in five workers has a written retirement strategy.”

The majority of middle class Americans “have not had the opportunity to obtain professional advice, let alone advice that centers their needs and lifestyle.”

Retirable reportedly “opens this access, and ensures that clients have full visibility along the way.” Clients can “access their dashboard to review their personalized retirement plan and reach their advisor at any time with any questions they may have.”

Furthering its commitment of affordable access for those who need it, Retirable offers “a free consultation to every American 50 years or older and prices its new service at 0.75% on the first $500,000 of managed assets.” Retirable says that it “keeps fees lower than comparable advisory services while empowering their clients’ savings to go farther when they need it most.”

Jason Shuman, General Partner at Primary, said:

“Retirable launched with the goal of democratizing access to retirement, and we have seen each new product they’ve released serve that exact purpose while being received incredibly well by customers. Not a single customer has left Retirable since we invested in the company, which is a true sign of customer love. Primary has a strong thesis around backing New York’s standout founders who are providing access to things that weren’t attainable by the masses before. We couldn’t be more excited to support Retirable in their evolution to becoming the most trusted financial services company for those nearing and within their retirement years.”

With the capital raised in its latest funding, Retirable plans “to continue growing its advisor team and strengthening its medicare agent partnerships while building out more features for clients — including its beta debit card.”

The company will “continue to provide clients with a comprehensive retirement roadmap alongside access to a licensed fiduciary advisor to optimize Social Security and Medicare elections and answer any financial questions along the way.”

Fintech Retirable to Expand Access to “Fair” Retirement Services Republished from Source https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/2022/11/198161-fintech-retirable-to-expand-access-to-fair-retirement-services/ via https://www.crowdfundinsider.com/feed/




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