November 30, 2023

Walken is another free move-to-earn game that is built on the Solana blockchain. When you register, you will receive a free in-game character called a CAThlete. As you walk in real life, this creature will ‘walk’ with you in game, thereby allowing it to level up the more you move.

So, the more steps you take, the faster your character makes it to the next level and the more potential for you to earn WLKN tokens. WLKN can be sold for real money in a secondary marketplace. The CAThlete is only minted into an FT when it reaches level 5.

There are three in-game currencies, namely WLKN, Gems and MyBerries. WLKN tokens are won by competing in various minigames against other CAThletes. Gems are used to level up CAThletes and are non-transferable. Gems are earned at a rate of 1 gem per 1,000 steps and can be used to level up your CAThlete up to a maximum level of 10. The higher the level, the higher the competition league and the better the prizes for winning minigames.

As with Genopets, this game entails moving to earn rewards which can then be used to level up and upgrade your CAThlete for the purposes of competing against other player’s CAThletes.

Equipment can be purchased with WLKN tokens or won to upgrade your CAThelete’s stats. Once a CAThlete becomes an NFT it can be placed for sale on the dApp’s marketplace and also on secondary marketplaces.

If you buy a second CAThlete, you can breed them to create new NFTs with mixed attributes, but these new CAThletes will also need to be levelled up before they are minted. Each CAThlete can be bred 3-7 times, depending on its rarity and each breeding will cost an increasing number of WLKN.

The Walken app is available on the Apple App store and Google Play. However, it is still in open beta and is only compatible with newer devices.

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