November 29, 2023
Best finisher in the world

Cricket is heart and emotion for many, the game has gained a lot of popularity these days and is one of the most watched sports. Cricket has the best finisher in the world, and the game is driven because of hard-working and talented players all over the world. 

The most important role is played by the finishers of the game, though all the participants and the complete team contribute to the winning, as it is a team game, but the finishers play and hold the maximum responsibility. Out of the various finishers of each team worldwide we have collated a list of the best finishers in the world. Let’s have details on the brilliant players.

Top 5 Best Finishers In The World

Among the various good players, the list of best finisher in the world is,

  1. Mahendra Singh Dhoni – Dhoni is one of the best players and is known as the best finisher too, as he is a very great batsman who has played 90 test matches, 350 ODIs, and 98 T20s to date. He is also known as “Captain Cool” who is the backbone of the Indian team in chasing runs. One of the great captains, MS Dhoni will always be remembered for his contribution to the Indian cricket team and his amazing performances.
  2. Jos Buttler – England’s captain and one of the best players Mr. Jos Buttler is famous for contributing to cricket and finishing the game with his capabilities. He hits amazing shots from his bat and is such a powerful player who can play in complete ground effortlessly. As per the current data, Jos Buttler played 57 Test matches, 157 ODIs, and 103 T20 and is a well-known player.
  3. AB de Villiers – In the list of best finishers it’s next to impossible that AB de Villiers is not listed, so here next in our list of top 5 we have AB de Villiers he is an amazing player who is also known as a “360-degree batsman”. South Africa’s cricket genius is the best finisher in the world. Do you know that de Villiers is famous for scoring over 19000 runs in total throughout the different formats of cricket matches, he has played over 114 Tests, 228 ODIs, and around 78 T20s.
  4. Michael Bevan – Australia’s favorite player “Michael Bevan” is a middle-order batsman who performs best in one-day international cricket and is the best finisher in the world. He will always be remembered and young players will learn from his techniques over the decades as he is a very crafty batsman and played almost 18 test matches of cricket and 232 ODIs.
  5. Vivian Richards – Undoubtedly, West Indies has an amazing player who has the capability to win the match single-handedly, Vivian played almost 124 Tests and 187 ODI games and is one of the amazing players. 

So, this is the list of the Top 5 best finishers in the world, who are very talented, well and have performed very well in the game of cricket over the decades.

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