July 19, 2024


This is an opinion editorial by Tyler Parks, who has a background in biological science and spent a decade working in the restaurant industry.

Money is a topic people have come to take quite seriously. So serious in fact that grown adults wait with bated breath for news of the latest figures on consumer prices and interest rates. These have real impacts on perceptions of wealth and productivity. But what if I told you money is just a game we play, a game like any other, with a variety of rules and objectives. Money is a symbolic thing we use in order to achieve things of value and significance in the world and hence not an end in itself. A financial system is like a game board with pieces, obstacles and paths to success. The questions are: Are you aware of the kinds of money games you play on a regular basis? Did you voluntarily join or were you born into a game whose rules were never explained and with a hand you didn’t choose?


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