June 5, 2023
Global Hops Derivatives Market

Global Hops Derivatives Market

Hops Derivatives Market Outlook

Hops derivatives are in high demand in the pharmaceutical business due to their increasing use in medical medications and tonics. On a global scale, this is expected to increase market demand for hops derivatives. In the beer industry, it’s also employed as a natural flavoring and stabilizing component.

Hops derivatives offer a variety of unique qualities, including antibacterial, antifungal, and cancer-fighting properties. They’re commonly employed in the pharmaceutical business to create a variety of medications and tonics. It’s also utilized as a natural preservative in food and beverage goods, as well as a stabilizer and taste enhancer in the beer business, which is gaining popularity across the world. Hops flowers are in high demand in the beer business due to their use as a flavoring, bittering, and stability ingredient in the creation of beer. Aside from that, hops derivatives can provide beer fruity, flowery, or citrus flavors and aromas. As a result, beer producers from all over the world are expanding their demand channels in the global hops derivative market. Furthermore, the worldwide hops derivatives market is being driven by the ever-increasing demand for hops-containing beer.

Based on its broad and potential uses in the pharmaceutical and beer industries, the Hops derivatives market is anticipated to reach USD 21.8 billion by 2030, registering a CAGR of 6.8% during 2022-2030.

Furthermore, the market anticipates continued expansion because of high demand in most nations and expanding market prospects. The global hops derivatives market is expected to benefit from increased R&D and technological advancements. The pharmaceutical industry’s desire to create medications and tonics that aid in increasing appetite and treating sleeplessness has created a new market for hops derivatives in the sector. Its various applications in the beer industry, such as stabilizing and imparting natural bitterness in beer products, have helped it acquire popularity. Aside from that, hops derivatives are in high demand among companies that make tonics for treating sleeplessness and increasing appetite. Aside from that, the hops derivative market sees a lot of demand from the cosmetics business.

Hops derivatives with high humulone concentration, on the other hand, have raised concerns due to high derivatization processing costs, which may limit the market growth of hops derivatives throughout the forecast period.

Market Segmentation

The hops derivative market is divided into four categories based on chemical composition: alpha acids, beta acids, essential oils, and others. Because of the high lumulone content found in hops flowers, the alpha acids category accounts for a significant portion of the global Hops Derivatives market.

The global hops derivatives market is divided into four categories, including alcoholic beverages (beer), pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, and others. The beverage (beer) business dominates the global market and is predicted to expand during the study period. Hops derivatives are widely employed in this business around the world because they operate as a natural stabilizing agent.

The hops derivatives market has been divided into two categories: store-based (supermarkets/hypermarkets, specialty shops, convenience stores, and others) and non-store-based (other) (e-commerce). Because consumers enjoy a convenient one-stop shopping experience, sales through store-based channels are dominating the industry.

Regional Overview

North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and the Rest of the World make up the worldwide hops derivatives market (Row). North America has the largest proportion of the market, followed by Europe. However, the North American region is expected to increase the most throughout the projection period of 2017-2023. The expanding use of hops-derived goods in the North American market is attributed to a variety of factors, including changing dietary patterns, rising stomach illnesses, and other maladies. The production of hops derivatives in North America is aided by extensive R&D activity and technological advances in the region. Furthermore, in the North American region, the United States and Canada control a large portion of the worldwide Key hops derivatives Market Players Report.

However, due to the rising beverage (beer) and pharmaceutical industries, Asia Pacific is expected to be the world’s fastest growing market.

Competitive Dynamics

 YCH HOPS (the U.S.), Global Hops (North America), Steiner Hops (U.K.), Charles Faram & Co Ltd (U.K.), Brewers Select Limited (U.K.), Kalsec Inc (the U.S.), and New Zealand Hops Limited (New Zealand)

The hops derivatives market is moderately fragmented around the world. The competitive environment of the hops derivative industry is particularly intense due to the existence of many competitors. Major players in this industry are increasing their efforts to improve the quality of their products. Aside from that, other players are putting more emphasis on improving their distribution methods. Growing product launch activity by leading manufacturers suggests that the worldwide hops derivative market will grow rapidly in the next years.

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