April 21, 2024

The HEX Documentary “The Highest of Stakes,” is officially coming to theaters across the United States in a limited theatrical release. Debuted in partnership with Regal Cinemas the film will be screened starting Friday, August 4. Audiences can catch screenings of the documentary in select theaters, including Regal South Beach (Miami), Regal LA Live (Los Angeles), and Regal Union Square (New York).

To get a glimpse of what’s in store, the official trailer for the documentary can be viewed here.

HEX Documentary "The Highest of Stakes" to Premiere at Select Regal Cinemas in August

The documentary weaves together the diverse experiences of its characters, including Richard Heart himself, a seasoned crypto investor weathering the storms of financial shifts, a passionate HEX community member, and a newcomer who risks their life savings by investing in HEX. Expert insights from a distinguished cryptocurrency professor and a certified fraud investigator complement these perspectives.

“This is the ‘Tiger King’ of crypto—a larger than life, can’t look away type character who brings an entertaining edge to an important discussion around the cryptocurrency space,” said Director Patrick Moreau. “Crypto and blockchain will take up a large space in the future of humanity, yet so few people understand it—something that we hope this film helps to shift.”

For more information on attending a screening of “The Highest of Stakes,” visit thehighestofstakes.com and REGmovies.com.

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