November 28, 2023

One of the major new pieces of content in Escape from Tarkov is the Hideout.

A player’s Hideout is completely theirs and they can upgrade it over time as they discover new items in the game. One of the upgrades players can access is a Gym, where they can go to boost their strength. However, before players can access the Gym, they need to break down a Defective Wall inside their Hideout.

To do that, players are required to find a Fierce Blow Sledgehammer, which has become quite a rare item in Escape from Tarkov.

The Fierce Blow Sledgehammer was added in the recent content update along with the Hideout. Its official in-game description is “used as a hit tool for dismantling various technical and building structures.” It’s a large item, weighing 5.5 kg and taking up a 2×5 space inside of your pack. If you end up looting it in a drop, it might be one of the only items you can extract with, or else you’ll be moving quite slowly.

Here’s how to find out exactly where you can find the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer in Escape from Tarkov.

Getting the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer in Escape from Tarkov

Fierce Blow Sledgehammer Escape from Tarkov
Provided by Battlestate Games

Given its size, you won’t be able to find the Fierce Blow Sledgehammer in small places, like jacket pockets or tiny containers. Instead, you want to look inside Technical Crates. The maps we recommend looking for Technical Crates on are Streets of Tarkov, Reserve, and Lighthouse. However, you can also look on Customs, as that map holds a few different possible spawn points for the sledgehammer. This includes the ground floor of three-story Dorms and inside of Gas Stations.

There are far more possible spawn points than the ones we’ve laid out, though, so you can look on most maps for a chance to loot the sledgehammer. Once it’s in your possession, you’ll be able to knock down the Defective Wall and continue to upgrade your Hideout.

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