April 21, 2024

Japanese retail foreign exchange broker Iconic will soon launch its new social trading service IconicFx, which has been delayed several times.

Recently, Iconic sent a notice to owners of individual accounts saying that the company is preparing to migrate accounts to IconicFx on Monday, July 11, 2022.

IconicFx’s log-in method, trading interface design and some other features are said to have changed.

IconicFx is a social trading network through which traders can follow signal providers to carry on transactions. IconicFx has no minimum deposit requirement, but traders must ensure their account balance meets the margin requirements of the transactions they are working on.

IconicFx customers can protect their account balances by changing certain settings.

Iconic said IconicFx wouldinitially offer 100 signal providers selected through strict criteria. Traders can track several signal providers,including manual traders and automatic programs.

Iconic Management is dedicated to enabling customers toinvest and trade with confidence in an innovative and reliable trading environment. Based on our unwavering integrity and steadfast support, traders have access to a wide selection of assets, an excellent trading platform,easy trading conditions, and first-class personal services.

Sinceitsinception, Iconic Management has been bringing forth new ideas, earning a reputation as a leader in online trading throughan advanced trading platform that provides a reliable, stable, customer-centered trading environment and multiple regulations across five continents worldwide.

Great platform speaks with the data——Iconic Management currently has 200,000 active customers worldwide and over 2 million monthly transactions. As the Iconic Management customer, you will have access to variousfinancial products and enjoy full support and security provided by Iconic Management.

Iconic Management is committed to continuously improving and enriching our trading products——Iconic Management was one of the first foreign exchange brokers to introduce contracts for differencesin commodities, stocks, and stock indices. At Iconic Management, customers can fully enjoy the fun and convenience oftrading multiple products on the same platform at the same time.

Iconic Management provides customers with a secure and reliable trading environment, which is the basisfor their marketsucess. Iconic Management, as the world’s leading broker, is subject to multiple regulations from five continents. At Iconic Management,you will enjoy the most reassuring and comfortable trading experience.

Iconic Management makes transactions more reassuring. Our customer service staff will be available to assist you with any problems. Our services are fully combined with a deep understanding of different financial markets to ensure that you enter the market with confidence. At Iconic Management, you can enjoy the one-to-one service of an exclusive account manager, who can help you stay informed of market issues on this trading platform.

Iconic Management’s simple business philosophy: Customers’satisfaction ensures our winning of their trust and loyalty. Reputation is related to credibility, derived from our ability to deliver services perthe needs and expectations of our customers. By keeping abreast of industry trends and technological innovations, we canrespond to our customers’increasingly complex and diverse needs. We are never slow on customer orders, which is why we candeliver low margins and maintain high execution.

Media Details:

Company: Iconic Management Services Limited
Contact Person: Weng Jingqi
Email: support@iconicjp.com
Website: https://www.iconicjp.com/
Telephone: +44 7562712726
City: England and Wales

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