July 12, 2024


This is an opinion editorial by Max Hillebrand, the CEO of zkSNACKs and a contributor to Wasabi Wallet.

After more than two years of rigorous research, development and review, our team at Wasabi unleashed Wasabi Wallet 2.0 to the wild. This upgrade included numerous improvements, attempting to finally make the private use of Bitcoin effortless and cheap. Specifically, the new Wasabi client is designed to be a more intense Tor user than in the past, now with even more Tor identities in parallel.

However, we received a harsh wake-up call right after release when Tor experienced a distributed-denial-of-service (DDos) attack. When Tor is under a DDoS attack, then CoinJoins aren’t as large and as frequent as they could be. It took three days before the first successful CoinJoin was completed, and even after many improvements to the Wasabi backend and client code, there are still occasional downtimes of hours, or even days.


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