June 8, 2023

TDeFI is a blockchain incubator focused on helping blockchain projects disrupt the space in a real way. The incubator achieves this by offering a variety of services specifically designed to help starting projects succeed in an increasingly competitive space.

Back in May of this year, Andreessen Horowitz announced the creation of a $4.5 billion Web3 Fund, more than doubling its previous $2.2 billion Crypto Fund III.

While this move surprised many as it came during the crypto winter, the truth is that it was a reflection of a growing trend: Venture Capitalists’ eagerness to pour resources into the crypto, Web3, and blockchain spaces.

The influx of funding in the crypto space has ensured that new projects continue to emerge every day, keeping the options fresh for all types of investors. The result is an unprecedented level of innovation that has not only attracted top talent from other industries but also created financial opportunities.

As any investor already knows, good investments are all about finding the best projects while they are in their early stages. Sure, making a profit is possible by investing in projects that have already gotten off the ground but the true success is in being one of the early investors.

TDeFi is all about finding the next big thing or, as the incubator puts it, “Sniffing Moon Ideas”.

The Mission: Sniffing Moon Ideas

The incubator has been led by its CEO and serial entrepreneur Gaurav Dubey since October 2020 as a result of his vast experience in the blockchain space. Gaurav has not only worked as a Director, Partner, Ambassador, and advisor to more than 50 Blockchain companies but also registered multiple patents in BCI technology prior to TDeFi.

Since its launch, TDeFi has incubated and funded over 50 blockchain startups in the DeFi, NFT, Healthcare, Infrastructure, gaming, and metaverse spaces. Some of these startups have experienced rapid growth over the past months, becoming leaders in their respective fields and further expanding the relevance of the blockchain space on the global stage.

The uniqueness of TDeFi is that we are not bound by any limits in nurturing startups.

“Timeframes or financial metrics don’t limit our commitment to the startups. The holistic nature of our commitment is in itself a unique deliverable,” said Gaurav in an interview with TechRound.

TDeFi offers the startups a chance to connect with experienced mentors, investors, industry experts, and market advisors.

By chalking a path to success for promising startups from an economic and administrative perspective, as well as providing funds and regulatory compliance consultancy, TDeFi is all about helping the blockchain space succeed.

TDeFi’s Offerings

To fulfill its mission of helping blockchain projects and startups succeed by disrupting their respective niches, TDeFi offers several services when incubating.

These services have been divided into four verticals: “Regulations and Compliance”, “Ideation & Mentorship”, “Investors and Community connect”, and “Token Advisory and Growth Management”.

Each of these verticals is specially designed for the needs of startups in the blockchain ecosystem, as these differ greatly from traditional companies. This is done all while structuring the projects in line with regular regulatory requirements, ensuring compliance at every stage of the process.

Regulations and Compliance

TDeFi assists projects to create a solid structure that is entirely compliant with the latest regulations for their specific market and location. The incubator gives special attention to ensuring that growth is always kept as the priority.

Having dealt with regulatory uncertainty itself, TDeFi has acquired vast first-hand experience in addition to that of its mentors and partners.

Ideation and Mentorship

Startups looking to work with TDeFi should already have a solid grasp of what they are looking to achieve. However, TDeFi will also offer a team of professionals who can contribute and support the ideation process through mentorship.

Unlike other blockchain incubators, TDeFi makes sure that the mentors and advisors working with its startups come from varied backgrounds, having experienced both inside and outside the blockchain space.

Investors and Community Connect

Having a business succeed is all about connecting with the appropriate people, no matter which stage of development the business is at. TDeFi has developed a unique network that allows its incubees to establish connections ranging from strategic investors to advisors.

To ensure these connections are beneficial to startups, all of these contacts are not only required to have experience in the blockchain space but also to have produced professionally written articles and research.

Token Advisory and Growth Management

Tokenomics are one of the most essential aspects of any blockchain project, no matter its niche.

TDeFi helps startups develop a plan that reflects the long-term mission of their teams, helping them remain sustainable by incentivizing users and providing the founding team with the necessary resources.

In addition to helping develop tokenomics and growth plans, the incubator also grants access to a vast network of trading firms, traders, and liquidity providers, ensuring projects are viable from the get-go.

TDeFi’s Ecosystem and Partnerships

Successful entrepreneurs know that it takes a village to raise a successful business. While most founders believe that getting their projects off the ground is just a matter of having a business plan and raising funding, it is much more complicated than that… Even if that was the case, raising funds is no easy task, especially when equity is often involved in negotiations.

TDeFi’s vast experience helping startups getting startups up and running has allowed it to establish a huge ecosystem of partnerships designed to help its incubees from several fronts.

With a vast number of partner funds, ecosystem partners, and media allies, the incubator puts its startups in the spotlight, allowing them to be seen in an increasingly competitive ecosystem.

TDeFi pays special attention to keeping its partnerships active while also constantly updating them to ensure startups receive exposure at critical times.

This, in addition to the expertise and connections its team members possess, has also allowed the incubator to participate in some of the most prestigious conferences in the blockchain industry.

TDeFi Events

TDeFi also hosts a number of events and conferences around the world to bring their ecosystem together.

Application Process

As an incubator, TDeFi is a solid option for any projects looking to make it in the blockchain space.

The incubator not only provides solid services that surely will prove beneficial to any team but it also counts on the necessary experience to bring all of them together in an effective manner.

However, these benefits don’t mean much if startups are unable to take advantage of them by applying and being accepted, something that has been a problem with traditional incubators for years.

Fortunately, TDeFi’s application process is one of the most straightforward out there. There are 4 types of applications at this time: As a mentor, a post-launch advisor, an investor, and an incubee.

All of these applications are pretty easy to do, requiring applicants to create an account, validate their email address, fill out a form, and submit their application.

Unlike other incubators, the form required by TDeFi is extremely clear and easy to fill out. There is no need for videos, disclosure of private information, or any other data that forces startups to delay the application process.

Once the application is reviewed, applicants will be contacted directly to continue with the process. Unfortunately, the time it takes for applications to be processed can vary depending on several factors.

Another important aspect of the application process is that it makes use of a dedicated platform instead of online form apps like Google Forms. This allows the platform to serve other purposes like the scheduling of meetings, resources depository, community explorer, and more.

Conclusion: TDeFi is a Great On-Ramp to the DeFi Economy

TDeFi is one of the most popular incubator programs in the blockchain space for a reason: Not only does it have a vast network of partnerships but also possesses the team and experience to ensure it is used in the best way possible.

With a heavy focus on compliance, TDeFi is also one of the incubators at the forefront of helping startups deal with the increasing regulatory concerns that come with the growth of the blockchain space.

Not only does this help startups reach audiences in new locations but prevents them from having to pivot in the future to avoid regulatory changes.

With a big number of successful incubees, TDeFi has proven able to help startups get off the ground without having to sacrifice their original vision, an issue that has been the bane of startups with traditional incubators.

In addition to this, the experience with startups of all niches can also help increment the disruptive potential of its incubees, further increasing their chance of success.

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