May 29, 2023

Market Overview

India Color Sorter Market share is expected to grow from USD 16.5 million in 2015 to USD 32.56 million in 2030, with a compound annual growth rate of 8.90% during the period of forecast 2022-2030

Due to the changing landscape of Indian agriculture, particularly agro-based processing businesses, the India Color Sorter Market is expected to develop. Small and medium rice mills, food grain processing, seeding, and companies are all requesting more of these machines to help with color sorting activities. Such machines reduce human effort and, as a result, human mistakes.

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Food adulteration is becoming more widely known, which is driving the industry. This is supported by positive economic statistics in India, such as an increase in the typical household’s disposable income. As a result, demand for clean and packaged agro-based products, including rice, wheat, and other grains, has soared. Processing companies have demanded more of these machines to meet public demand, and as a result, the market has grown over time.

Key Players –

Satake India Engineering, Buhler Group, Fowler Westrup, Tomra, Orange, Sea, Key Technology, Hefei Meiya Optoelectronic Technology Inc., Anhui Zhongke Optic-electronic Color Sorter Machinery Co., Ltd., and Hefei TAIHE Optoelectronics Technology Co., Ltd.

Industry News

The agriculture sector has fueled the expansion of the India color sorter market. Color sorter machines and systems use equipment like cameras to detect the colors of seeds and grains that pass in front of them. As a result, the market is being propelled forward by increased demand from a variety of product advancements and investments in the sector of agro-food production in India.

Even India’s enormous population is heavily reliant on agriculture to make a living. As a result of the rising demand for modern equipment and increased investments in advanced machinery in the huge agriculture sector, the Indian color sorter market is expanding. Simultaneously, the growing adoption of technologically advanced gear with sensors programmed to reduce workload within the agriculture sector is another important driver boosting the India color sorter market.

On the other hand, growing industrialization, increased agricultural research & innovation, and quality criteria imposed by the government for hygiene, safety, and high-quality agricultural products are all positively influencing the development of the Indian color sorter market.

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Market Segmentation

Due to the performance of several market sectors, the color sorter market share is expected to expand significantly. The agriculture industry will be the quickest expanding of these four areas and will also offer more to the color sorter market as compared to any other.

The market is split into the following on several bases for an enhancing use:

  • It comes in two types: chute and belt.
  • It is divided into two types of applications: industrial and agricultural.

Regional Classification

Color sorter industry trends may be found in India’s four primary regions: north, east, south, and west. The market will be dominated by the north amongst all of these areas. The government’s considerable initiatives to elevate small and medium-scale agro-based processing markets were cited.

Another factor driving this explosive expansion is the government’s decision to expand funding. It has devised several project policies to attract more food and agro-processing industries investment. The south India area of India is predicted to be the second-largest market, with a development rate of 1.78 percent CAGR. The Asia Pacific region will become the largest market area, with an earnings market share of roughly 51 percent, which is increasing year by year.


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