November 29, 2023
bike insurance

bike insurance

As years go on, the dynamic nature of traffic and the pathetic state of Indian roads seem to continue or even get worse. This makes securing the bike and rider’s safety a prominent one. That is where two-wheeler insurance comes into the picture. Also, the Indian government has made the third-party insurance policy for bike mandatory according to the Motor vehicle Act. You can opt for the best-selling Acko two-wheeler insurance which is considered to be the most reliable one in India. 

Here are all the essential details about buying and renewal of bike insurance. Keep reading to know more!

Steps to buying an Insurance Policy for Bike Online:

  1. Visit any online bike insurance websites, such as Acko two-wheeler insurance.
  2. Enter your two-wheeler information to obtain the best bike insurance quotes from various insurance providers that meet your requirements.
  3. Then you need to enter your city and RTO and get a quote right away from the insurance company of your choice. 
  4. Then a list of insurance policies for bikes will appear. By comparing those according to your budget and requirements, choose the right plan, though, since many options are available.
  5. The next step is payment, paying for your desired insurance policy for the Bike.
  6. After you pay the premium for your bike insurance, you will instantly receive your bike insurance document in your email inbox. You can also call them at the given number if you have any questions.
  7. Acko two-wheeler insurance gives you all information about your insurance policy via email.

Benefits of Buying an Insurance Policy for Bike Online:

Buying bike insurance online is the new way to get your insurance within minutes. It is more convenient, the process is smoother, and you can get your policy in less than a minute. There is no hefty documentation process involved. But there is another significant benefit — it’s cheaper than buying offline when you are buying through reputed insurers such as Acko two-wheeler insurance.  You can get bike insurance now at your fingertips online from the comfort of your home. Visit the website and sign-up to get your two-wheeler insurance policy today!

Renew Bike Insurance Now:

You know that your Bike is an essential part of your life. But, going through a website and all the paperwork can be a hassle. With the help of the internet, you can choose and compare the perfect policy for you in as little as 30 seconds.

Steps to Renew an Insurance Policy for Bike Online:

  1. Visit any online bike insurance website.
  2. Fill out the form for bike insurance renewal, and give the required details like bike registration number, fuel type, etc.
  3. By simply sharing the expiry date of your previous insurance company and the name of your bike insurance check company, you get a quote for your bike insurance renewal premium. Click “continue.”
  4. Go ahead and select an Insurance Policy for your Bike.
  5. After checking the details, click “Buy Now” and pay online for your premium.
  6. Check your email; online insurance companies like Acko two-wheeler insurance send details for insurance on a registered email id.

Why Keep Insurance Policy Renewed from Time to Time? 

Many people ignore it until the last minute, facing many problems while filing for a claim. Hence, to avoid any hassle, it is essential to keep their insurance policy renewed before their two-wheeler insurance plan expires. There is also a 30 days grace period within which you need to renew your Insurance Policy for your Bike, after which it becomes invalid. 

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