July 12, 2024


The International Criminal Police Organization (INTERPOL) which has its headquarters in Lyon, France has established a police metaverse unit that is expected to function worldwide.


The news was announced in a press statement made at the 90th INTERPOL General Assembly in New Delhi, India.


The metaverse is expected to run via the INTERPOL Secure Clouds so as to guarantee its objectivity. 


The INTERPOL platform will enable registered persons to interact with other officers via their avatars persona, explore a virtual replica of the INTERPOL headquarters in Lyon, France, without regard to the user’s physical location, and even enroll in advanced training programs in forensic analysis and other policing skills when it fully begins its operations.


Law enforcement agencies can benefit from the metaverse in a variety of ways, including remote work, networking, gathering and preserving evidence from crime scenes, and providing training.


As the Metaverse’s user population increases and technology improves, there will undoubtedly be more crimes that might be committed, including crimes against children, data theft, money laundering, financial fraud, phishing, and harassment. These crimes could pose a challenge to law enforcement agents because not all crimes committed physically are categorized as fraudulent when committed in the digital space.


According to Madan Oberoi, Executive Director of Technology and Innovation at INTERPOL, 


“By recognizing these dangers early on, we can collaborate with stakeholders to develop the required regulatory frameworks and shut off potential criminal markets before they are completely formed.”


The Metaverse Experience


The Metaverse has become more than just a gaming platform. More individuals and corporations are already using the metaverse for everyday activities such as working, studying, shopping and socializing.


Usain Bolt, an 11-time world champion and eight-time Olympic gold winner, has partnered with Step App to elevate fitness and exercise through the metaverse and Web3. Users of the Step App can earn rewards when they participate in exercise activities such as jogging and running with friends and strangers.

The United States’ popular retail store, Walmart also showed its interest to launch its own metaverse that may enhance customers’ shopping experience.

Image source: Interpol


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