June 14, 2024


With over 369% of the spots already filled and the mint date approaching, the Guilty Bunnies Wetlist is filling up quickly!

Investors are flooding to join the Wetlist in the final days before Guilty Bunnies closes the doors to new users! But what’s with all the hype over the Wetlist?

Who are the Guilty Bunnies?

Before we get into the mysteries of the Wetlist, we should probably introduce the new kids on the block. If you're new to the community, Guilty Bunnies is a collection of one-of-a-kind NFTs, with a LOT of secrets to uncover. 

Within the ‘furst’ generation is 6969 sexy NFTs with 169 unique traits! Each bunny displays a unique combination of lingerie, accessories and fur, as well as hidden utilities, yet to be revealed!

However, there is much more to Guilty Bunnies than being the hottest NFTs available. These collectible supermodels, modeling luxurious lingerie, have proven to be a great investment for retail companies and NFT investors alike. With the ability to model lingerie for brands and its rapidly growing community of collectors, Guilty Bunnies has something to offer for everyone! 

Guilty Bunnies pride themselves in doing things differently in everything from their artwork to their community. By focusing on their booming community of eager collectors and contestants, they’ve created an asset worth much more than any NFT. Investing in Guilty Bunnies means investing not only in the hottest NFT available but also in its community, games and events!

By ‘getting wet’ and joining their whitelist, which they call the ‘Wetlist’, you’re given access to this world of secrets! A world where, as the Guilty Team says, ‘your wildest dreams come true’!

What Does the Wetlist Have to Offer?

By getting wet, collectors get access to an incredible community with hot discounts and special prizes. The fun doesn’t stop there, but you’ll have to join the discord to learn more!

When you join, you’ll be greeted by the Guilty Team, who will guide you through your journey of getting wet! To gain access to the Wetlist, you must participate in fun challenges called ‘darings’. You can select which darings you’d like to participate in, and the winners will receive spots on the Wetlist as well as additional gifts!

Once you’ve earned your spot, you’ll also gain access to one free mint, plus the opportunity to mint up to 2 more for just 0.069 ETH each! This means you’ll get access to the NFTs quicker and cheaper than anyone, just for being a Guilty Bunny OG!

On top of a hot discount, owning 2 Guilty Bunnies qualifies you for valuable prizes. These include rare airdrops and an upcoming magic elixir that will be used to breed the next generation of Guilty Bunnies!

With sources speculating that this project will become larger than Board Apes, the Wetlist gives new and experienced investors the opportunity to get involved early. You’ll also have the chance to become a Guilty Bunny OG, just by joining the Wetlist and becoming an early investor!

How to Join the Guilty Bunnies Community

By joining the discord, and completing darings, you’ll gain access to a lot more than free mints, hot discounts and cute NFTs. Within the Guilty Bunnies discord is a community of games, contests and events!

By taking part in these challenges, you can win prizes ranging from merch, to cash, to your own Guilty Bunny NFT, all for just playing the game! And as you could’ve guessed, this isn’t your average merch. As of now, the only way to access this premium apparel is through challenges, making authentic Guilty Bunny merch super valuable!

The best part of the community? The fun doesn’t stop at Discord! One recent challenge, shared on Twitter, awarded $690 to whoever could create the best Guilty Bunny meme!

By staying active on their discord and socials, anyone is able to participate in these challenges and events! Following the hilarious submissions from the meme challenge, they awarded an additional $690, as well as exclusive merch, to whoever could create the best Guilty Bunny fan art!

By joining the Wetlist, you’ll gain access to challenges like these, as well as many more, free of cost! You can also find Guilty Bunnies on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter, where they share these challenges, events and other graphics!

Ready to join the community? Head over to their discord to join before the remaining spots are filled!

Website: https://guiltybunnies.com/contact

Contact person Name: Julie Willow

Email: social@guiltybunnies.com


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