April 17, 2024

Multinational fast food chain giant McDonald’s now accepts Bitcoin and USDT as payment methods in the southern Swiss city of Lugano (Lugano).

Residents of the city of Lugano can order food using a McDonald’s digital kiosk and then pay at the regular check-in desk with the help of a mobile app.

Apart from crypto payments, this region also supports cryptocurrency payments for taxes, parking tickets, public services, and student tuition in the local community.

The City of Lugano has announced the acceptance of Bitcoin, Tether and LVGA tokens as legal tender. The local authority intends to allow residents to settle their annual tax bills and pay for goods and services in cryptocurrencies, with only Bitcoin, USDT and a certain Swiss franc-pegged Stablecoin for payments.

Lugano, a city of 63,000 in Italian-speaking Switzerland, announced in March that it would be one of the first cities in the world to introduce a full cryptocurrency payments economy. More than 200 stores and businesses are expected to accept crypto payments for goods and services.

To that end, Tether and Lugano will collaborate to make the city a major hub for blockchain adoption across Europe.

Likewise, McDonald’s has begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment option in El Salvador after the nation became the first to adopt the cryptocurrency as legal tender on September 7 in 2021.

McDonald’s customers in El Salvador can now pay for Big Macs and other items on the menu with bitcoin at all 19 McDonald’s locations in the country, as well as online and through delivery apps.

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