June 13, 2024

Everybody’s lives were affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, and students are not exempt. Since the beginning of this year, many students have not been able to return home to complete their exams. Therefore, they are now taking online assessments. It looks like the next semester will be mostly online.

Online exams can be daunting as they are unknown for many. However, I believe that the majority of my friends agree with me that online exams really help to ease exam stress and allow students study for subject knowledge instead of passing an exam.

I’ve taken several online exams so this is the perfect opportunity to share my knowledge and provide some helpful tips for the future assessment period. .

How to prepare for an exam online

Online exams have proven to be extremely beneficial for me. I find myself focusing less on the practicalities of an exam and more on revising. I find it more enjoyable to take the time and read through topics to understand them, than to just memorise information to pass a exam.

If you have an open book exam, I recommend taking advantage of this opportunity. You can also condense the information into simple notes that are easily understood by readers. This will allow for quick reference during examinations, and it will also provide you with a repository of material for future use.

Revision is necessary even for online examinations. Unpreparedness will cause unnecessary stress on the exam. Feel confident knowing that the exam is within your reach, and you may have greater control than you thought.

Where to take your online exam

Perhaps the most odd thing about the online format, was sitting down at my desktop rather than in an examination room. I was much more relaxed in these new conditions and felt less anxious. There were no invigilators to intimidate students or exam halls. It was perfect for exams, I think.

You can relax in the comfort of your home but I recommend that you make sure you’re properly dressed, well-fed, and set up a study area (that doesn’t include your bed). Before you begin, double check your Wifi connection and ensure your household knows how to reduce the noise. Be calm and take note of any technical issues you have. They will recognize that technology complications can happen and will not penalise for things beyond your control.

Online exams don’t need to look like traditional exams. Instead, you have complete control over your environment. It is important you are as comfortable as you can. If that means having a cup o’ tea or a hot drink by your side, so be it.

When should you conduct your online examinations?

Sometimes, it’s difficult for me to concentrate and formulate coherent answers in traditional exams. Because there is no time pressure for online exams, my answers are more thoughtfully crafted and organized.

Don’t expect to be able to complete all your exams within a day. Rome wasn’t built overnight, right? Make sure you take the time and read through them. Take regular breaks to refresh your mind. Spend the extra time to really think through the questions, and then answer them as best you can.

Final thoughts

Online exams may not be as effective or as efficient as the traditional format, but there has been much debate. The online assessment system is highly praised by me. It’s less stressful, more complicated and it measures abilities beyond just memorisation. While I won’t say these exams were enjoyable, I can safely say they were the best exam I have ever taken.

Always remain calm, be prepared, do your best, and stay positive. You are all they can ask for online or in-person.

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