June 13, 2024


NEXUS World Land is launching its land sale. Users can get their flags, mark their lands, and explore the metaverse with people around the world.

Land Sale Opens

NEXUS World, an exceptional metaverse project dedicated to maximize users’ gaming experience, announced on Sept. 30 that the NEXUS World Flags would be officially on sale in the Affyn Marketplace.

Following the flag accumulation, Affyn, the team behind the blockchain-powered project, launched the sale of the virtual lands on October 8. Now, the next phase of the sale will be hitting the open markets.

The next part of the sale is said to be one of the most significant land transactions in the entire history of NFTs, as stated in an announcement made by Affyn on official accounts. All users who are interested are welcome to register at Affyn Marketplace.

The NEXUS World Flags, while not being NFTs, play a critical role in acquiring land ownership. By grabbing flags and planting them, participants get opportunities to claim their land and become a landowner. Total number of land plots available is 100,000.

The more flags a user purchases, the higher chance he will get a mythical land, an ultimately rare land.

The rarity of land is classified into four different types and users will need to accumulate a certain number of flags to claim the land they want. The rarest plots’ owners get the highest earning potential in the future.

Specifically, common land needs 1 flag, rare land needs 3 flags, epic land needs 9 flags, and mythical land needs 27 flags. The total number of flags are 48,482 with 1995 FYN each flag.

It is important to note that NEXUS World will let each NEXUS World account own a maximum of 55 flags. So the earlier purchasers get more chances to grab their desired number of flags.

Explore An Immersive Experience

After the Flag Sale Phase 1, NEXUS World will launch the Flag Sale Phase 2 in December, according to the GitBook. The City Launch, the inaugural NEXUS city, is scheduled to unlock in December.

You can choose and claim plots of Land as your own by taking your Flags and planting them during a wave of City Launches. Every land is a Hexagon overlaid on the real world.

Following the successful acquisition of $20 million in investment in February of this year, the Affyn team has worked hard to build and launch NEXUS World, a Play-to-Earn Metaverse that combines the best of the virtual and real worlds.

Users in NEXUS World are encouraged to participate in a variety of activities based on their geographical location. They can get and train Buddies, as well as use them to participate in game missions or combat. Furthermore, players can interact and play with their Buddies.

Singapore-based company Affyn is a Polygon-developed blockchain-powered Metaverse project that offers players a free-to-play paradigm as well as the option to earn rewards for playing.

Affyn mixes game entertainment value with blockchain, geolocation, and augmented reality (AR) technology. It is an extension of the growing Metaverse and Web3 world.

The FYN token is the official utility token for the blockchain. FYN tokens can be used to buy and sell NFTs, purchase and rent property, and engage in a variety of events in the game.

FYN tokens can be redeemed in the real world for a range of goods and services, including those linked with shopping, travel, and lifestyle.

Affyn wants its customers to be able to earn FYN without needing to exchange it for fiat money. The Affyn team maintains several connections with business partners spread over the globe.

There will be rewards, privileges, and advantages available to customers when they use FYN to pay real-world.


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