June 25, 2024


  •  MATIC’s price fails to hold amidst market turmoil as the price falls back to its key support zone with a range-bound movement.
  •  MATIC’s price continues to show strength after a bearish downtrend with the market’s current state, as things look uncertain for most traders and investors. 
  • MATIC’s price continues to hold $0.75 on the daily timeframes as the price aims for a bounce above the 50 Exponential Moving Average (EMA)

The price of Polygon (MATIC) has been a standout performer in recent weeks rallying from a low of $0.85 to a high of $1.3 before facing rejection due to the current market state that has affected most crypto projects. The crypto market has seen some drastic shift in sentiment, with Polygon (MATIC) and the price of other altcoins battling for survival after the news broke that Binance would not be taking over FTX and the company had gone bankrupt. Previous months saw the price of most altcoins trend higher as many produced gains of over 200%, with many hoping for more recovery bounce. Still, these expectations were cut short by the uncertainty surrounding the crypto market, leading to much fear about where the market is headed. (Data from Binance)

Polygon (MATIC) Price Analysis On The Weekly Chart

The crypto space has seen a lot of turbulence in the last few days, with many altcoins struggling to show strength after losing key support that was holding off price declines.

The current market uncertainty has caused traders and investors to be hesitant to purchase altcoins, as there is no guarantee that they will rise in value any time soon.

The news of other exchanges being in the mix of the FTX saga has raised more fears as many investors and traders shy away from investing in some projects; this can not be said of MATIC, as many investors and traders continue to show so much interest in this project.

MATIC’s price declined to a weekly low of $0.77 before bouncing off this region, showing some great strength to a region of $0.97 as the price aims to break higher. The price of MATIC needs to be above $0.75 to avoid going to a lower region.  

Weekly resistance for the price of MATIC – $1.

Weekly support for the price of MATIC – $0.75.

Price Analysis Of MATIC On The Daily (1D) Chart

Daily MATIC Price Chart | Source: MATICUSDT On Tradingview.com

The price of MATIC remains considerably strong in the daily timeframe as the price trades above $0.8 support after bouncing off from the region of $0.95.

If the price of MATIC breaks above $1, we could see more rallies for MATIC price; a break below a region of $0.75 would lead to more sell-offs for MATIC with a possibility of price trending to a region of $0.6.  

Daily resistance for the MATIC price – $1.

Daily support for the MATIC price – $0.75.

Featured Image From zipmex, Charts From Tradingview


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