March 1, 2024
Protect Your Facility with a Baseball Backstop Net

A baseball backstop net is a wall or fence that stops balls from leaving the playing field. It also protects spectators from foul balls and baseball bats that players throw through the netting after hitting it.

Tie-back netting systems offer outstanding sight lines for spectators. They require less maintenance than in-line netting systems.

1. Durability

Heavy duty baseball backstop netting protects players, coaches, spectators and buildings/fixtures from high impact ball damage indoors or out. The netting is also designed to withstand the effects of weather conditions like inclement weather or hurricanes.

Most importantly, the netting is made of premium high quality materials and can be manufactured in various heights to match your facility’s needs. The netting can be used as a baseball barrier net for the field’s fence, or it can be installed as batting cage netting and pitch divider curtains.

The netting’s durability is largely determined by the mesh size and its gauge. Smaller gauges tend to be lighter and are best suited for large indirect applications, while the larger meshes are preferred by most MLB teams. The larger meshes are more expensive, but they will last much longer than the smaller gauges.

2. Weatherproofing

With line-drive foul ball incidents and other safety concerns making headlines, it’s important to have the right sports field netting for your facility. Baseball barrier netting and backstop nets are great options to keep the bleachers and spectator areas safe, especially in regions prone to bad weather conditions like rain and winds.

Typically, baseball barrier nets are constructed from twisted knotted nylon netting. This premium netting is UV stabilized, treated to resist water damage and can last for years without fraying. It can be used in batting cages, pitch divider curtains, baseball backstops and more.

Additionally, this durable netting is easy to hang and install using different hardware options. For instance, many facilities use pull-back systems that enable them to pull the netting away for access and easily return it into place when done. It is a perfect solution for busy high school and little league fields. This diverse netting is also ideal for college, indoor and commercial facilities.

3. Easy Access

Protect spectators and contain stray balls with an easy-to-install baseball backstop net. Perfect for multi-sport facilities with grass, AstroTurf or concrete playing surfaces, this versatile netting can be used as a target to practice “placing” your swing, as a traditional backstop to catch foul balls and wild pitches or as a freestanding net barrier between teams.

With 42ft of ricochet cushion that minimizes frame damage, this durable, high-quality sports field netting backstop has a number of features to make it the best choice for professional, collegiate and high school leagues or as an indoor training facility. It’s also portable for easy transport, collapsible and 100% rot proof to withstand weather elements and frequent use.

Safeguarding spectators can feel like mission impossible when working with a temporary backstop, but this massive portable net barrier makes it look easy. Equipped with 360-degree rotating wheels and a pulley system, it’s simple to move the vast screen protector around the pitch as required, while its choice of colors (black, white or green) ensures it suits any club aesthetic.

4. Security

Backstop netting improves sightlines and adds a level of safety not possible with traditional chain link fences. While not a complete substitute for a backstop, protective netting can significantly reduce spectator injuries and stray ball damage.

For example, a batting cage net constructed with #36 twisted knotted nylon netting is ideal for little leagues, high schools and colleges. This durable netting also resists wear & tear from baseball batted balls. It’s also rot-proof and designed to last for many years before replacement.

The higher the netting is, the more protection it provides. In addition to improving sightlines, baseball backstop netting helps prevent wayward ricochets that can cause serious injury. With a variety of options available, you can choose the height, width and length that best fits your facility. For extra security, consider choosing a netting system that is doubled-up on all four sides to strengthen it against impact. This is especially important for a backstop system that runs from dugout to dugout, or over an audience.