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HONG KONG, Oct 26, 2022 – (ACN Newswire) – With the continuous development of technology and Internet applications, the world wide web had evolved from WEB1.0 (read-only web), WEB2.0 (participative social Web) to WEB3.0 metaverse (read, write, execute Web). The unique features of metaverse – Digital Avatar, Community Driven, Immersive, Low Latency, Creator Economy, Diversity, Openness & Persistence enable you to be who you want to be, create what you want, where you want, for whom you want, and how you want.

Nibiru is a Web3 platform, and a network of trust backed by real-life assets, aiming to build a seamless journey and experience for Web2 users and platforms – to adapt and utilize various Web3 technologies within the Nibiru Open Metaverse (the Project), to help users, developers and enterprises to seize the opportunities in the new era.

Backbone of Nibiru Dedicated To Create A Better Metaverse

Nibiru Foundation, The Nibiru Open & Nibiru Mobile MetaVerse are the backbone of the Project. Nibiru Foundation is the main part of the Project with its main objective to support the development of Nibiru apart from project funding itself. The Project has already received support & investment from some WEB3.0 companies & investors from various sectors in the early stage. Besides, the Foundation also holds a physical one-of-a-kind Natural Emerald “Rising Star One” (real 196M USD value) to guarantee project independence and stability.

In addition to the Nibiru Foundation, Nibiru will regularly hold open competitions – The Nibiru Open for all World Developers to join our platform and to build applications that will be used in Nibiru. All these applications will help easily transition Web 2.0 users to our Web 3.0 platform. While the Nibiru Mobile Metaverse not only provides updates and news of the project and offers a more accessible and easier gateway for Web 2.0 users to purchase Virtual Land in Nibiru, users can also visit Nibiru Metaverse in the palm.

“The Metaverse is a 3D virtual world that connects all people where they have their own digital identities. They can be who they want to be, create what they want, and how they want. With the continuous development of the Metaverse, with the support of AI, data analysis and other emerging technologies, the Metaverse will become a new & solid economic system. Our ecosystem will firstly onboard industry leaders from Property Development, Entertainment, Art & Advertisement, help to build the infrastructure and provide them with seamless transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0.” said Trevor John De Pattenden, Co-Founder, Nibiru.

Backed By Companies Across Three Major Industries

The Nibiru Open Metaverse will firstly onboard industry leaders from Property Development, Entertainment & Marketing, through the Web 3.0 environment that combines the real & virtual worlds, not only bringing unique & new experiences to users but also helping organizations to seize the opportunities in the new era.

The Project has been widely recognized by the market, besides signing a strategic agreement with well-known eSports entertainment company Cyber Games Arena. Nibiru has recently entered a memorandum of understanding with Peking University Resources (Holdings) Limited (stock code: 618.HK). Pursuant to the MOU, Peking University Resources (Holdings) Company Limited aims to invest in Nibiru with an amount of up to US$2 million in relation to developing and constructing a blockchain-based metaverse with digital identities as an interface for users to experience the virtual world of properties.

Nibiru also participated as a guest speaker in the world’s No. 1 Family Office conference – Sir Anthony Ritossa’s Global Family Office Investment Summits, members of the UAE royal family, well-known investors & family funds as well as representatives from the Property Development, Entertainment & Marketing industry have expressed their high recognition of the Project and cooperation intentions.

Global Team Aim To Build The No.1 Open Metaverse Platform

Core team is based in Hong Kong and has members covering operations, technology, art, marketing, community and design across Middle East, Asia, Europe, the US and mainland China. Niribu aims to build the no.1 open metaverse platform. The Project will focus on the development of Dubai and the Middle East as the core market, working together with the investors and users to build a better world.

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About The Nibiru Global Limited
Nibiru is a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong and is principally engaged in metaverse projects. Nibiru’s ambition is to build a one-of-a-kind open-world metaverse platform that connects web 2.0 individuals, brands, and institutions, on the one hand, with the web 3.0 environment, on the other hand. Citizens of the metaverse platform will have access to a world map divided in 4 zones with 13 regions, divided into 180,000 unique land plots which will be represented by their respective one-of-a-kind NFT collections.

People from Nibiru came to Earth a long time ago to collect atomic gold for repairing their shredded atmosphere. To thank mankind for their kindness, the Nibirian who foresees that the earth will be plagued by wars and epidemics in the future left behind the pledge – a gem called The Rising Star One. It gave a hint of the possibility it holds inside and gave a path to how the Chosen Few will find their own the Charm of Life and jointly open the full story of Nibiru and the path to Annunaki legacy.

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