September 28, 2023

This is an opinion article by Tone Vays, Analyst and Derivatives Trader, Founder of Unconfiscatable and The Financial Summit.
As the fifth annual BitBlockBoom came to a close, founder and organizer Gary Leland sat on stage reflecting on the challenging road taken over the past two years leading to a record crowd of over 600 Bitcoiners:

“During COVID-19 I personally wanted to go to Bitcoin events, but there were not many choices. I assumed there were others that also wanted to get out and have human interaction during COVID-19. That was my main influence to go full force with BitBlockBoom in 2020 and 2021. Turns out, I was correct and now in 2022 we more than doubled the attendees and vendors. My main goal has always been to host the kind of conference that I want to attend and it appears many people approve, so growth has been sweet.”

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