April 17, 2024

Roobet casino is known as one of the most rapidly expanding online crypto casinos. They offer superior features and provide over 2,400 thrilling games. Roobet permits deposits using fiat money and cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), and Litecoin (LTC). There are numerous exchanges and apps that enable fast Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin purchases using credit cards or bank accounts. It can be difficult to choose the right option for you, in this article we will discuss the most popular crypto wallets for gambling to use at Roobet casino and the features they have to offer. 

Understanding Crypto Wallets

Cryptocurrency wallets enable you to store and move digital assets by connecting to and engaging with a specific blockchain network. For instance, the Ethereum blockchain can be interfaced with a software wallet like MetaMask, whereas the Solana blockchain can be interfaced with a wallet like Phantom. These are all the best Roobet crypto wallets, each with its own unique benefits, so choose from our selection below.

  • Best For Hot Wallet: Coinbase 
  • Best For Beginners: Exodus
  • Best For Crypto: Trust wallet 
  • Best For Bitcoin: Bitcoin.com
  • Best For Solana: Phantom wallet  

Best For Hot Wallet: Coinbase

Coinbase is highly recommended as the wallet of choice for Roobet because of its user-friendly platform. Boasting over 73 million users and the second-highest number of daily trades on coinmarketcap. It is the ideal wallet for those who wish to try out crypto gambling at Roobet Casino because it offers more than 150 cryptocurrencies to select from and low transaction fees. After you trade $100 in cryptocurrencies on Coinbase, you receive a $10 bonus in BTC.

Best For Beginners: Exodus

Exodus is undoubtedly the best wallet for beginners because of its visually appealing, easily usable interface. This wallet provides a broad range of features allowing users to learn about trading cryptocurrency and crypto gambling in one place. The user’s device stores private keys and transactional information, reducing the risk of mistakes. Exodus is also one of the few crypto wallets that’s compatible with hardware wallets, further enhancing its security features. 

Best For Crypto: Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet comes highly recommended by its 25 million active users for its versatility and simplicity. Users can store, transfer, acquire, and stake more than 4.5 million assets, as well as get support for 65 blockchains and non-fungible tokens (NFTs) from their mobile devices. Trust Wallet can be downloaded on the Apple App or Google Play stores and as the user ratings depict, it is a fantastic wallet for gambling online. Gambling Guide for Trust Wallet.

Best For Bitcoin: Bitcoin.com

If you are looking for a cryptocurrency wallet featuring margin trading tools and immediate matching engines to provide speedy, precise, and lucrative trades, then the Bitcoin.com wallet may be the best fit for you. This mobile crypto wallet was launched in 2017 and supports major cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, BCH, USDT, and more. Bitcoin.com has low cryptocurrency trading costs and high-interest rates of up to 13.5%. 

Best For Solana: Phantom wallet

Phantom wallet is the best option for users looking to gamble at Roobet Casino with Solana-compliant cryptocurrencies, it allows these currencies to be exchanged instantly for Roobido tokens which are Roobet Casino’s Native tokens. Phantom wallet allows users to stake SOL and store Solana NFTs. It also prepared for the implementation of Web 3.0 by allowing users to freely transfer cryptocurrency funds between their wallets and the Solana DApps. 

How To Add Money To Roobet Casino

Depositing to Roobet using cryptocurrency:

  • Create an account on one of the cryptocurrency wallets mentioned above, such as Coinbase, Trust Wallet, or one of the other above recommended options.
  • Use your newly activated or recovered account to purchase BTC, ETH, or LTC on the marketplace of your choice.
  • Select and copy your Roobet account deposit address. 
  • Enter your Roobet.com deposit address and your desired deposit amount into the send field of your freshly established wallet. Click “send.”
  • The cryptocurrency should appear within your Roobet.com account after a few minutes, depending on the confirmation processing time. 
  • You can now start playing at Roobet. 

Choosing Your Crypto Gambling Wallet

Understanding crypto gambling is no longer difficult or time-consuming. We have selected the most popular crypto wallets with the best features to make transacting at online casinos easy and simple. Once you have thought about the features you require and chosen your desired wallet, you can link it to your Roobet account and enjoy instant deposits and withdrawals while playing the variety of games they have to offer. 

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