March 2, 2024

There are some weapons in Call of Duty: Warzone 2 that will need a serious nerf if they are to be removed from the current meta. In Season 1 Reloaded, no such nerfs came down for the battle royale’s best weapons. Instead, other weapons, like Akimbo pistols and the Kastov-74u, were nerfed instead. This has left the top of the meta largely intact, with guns like the RPK and the Fennec 45 cementing their spot as Warzone 2’s best guns.

The Fennec 45, in particular, is without a doubt the best submachine gun in Warzone 2, mainly thanks to its strongest loadout.

The Fennec 45 has been the best submachine gun since Warzone 2 launched. Its incredibly fast fire rate, high damage, and little recoil make it any player’s best friend on Al Mazrah. However, the Fennec’s loadout has been changed quite often, with players finding new and better combinations of attachments as they continue to experiment with the Gunsmith. In Season 1 Reloaded, the Fennec 45 has a familiar, but a slightly different set of attachments to take down any opponent in close range.

Best Fennec 45 loadout in Warzone 2

This new loadout comes from Warzone 2 player and content creator @WarsZ. WarsZ uses this exact Fennec 45 loadout to take on enemies at close-mid range, and has had some great success doing so.

  • Barrel: ZLR 16.5″ Ignition
  • Laser: VLK ZLR 7mW Laser
  • Underbarrel: Agent Grip
  • Magazine: Fennec Mag 45
  • Rear Grip: Fennec Rubber Grip

This loadout is primarily focused on increasing the Fennec 45’s stability, with its recoil control improved above all else. Players will also see a slight bump in their mobility with the VLK ZLR 7mW Laser. With this loadout, players shouldn’t have any significant recoil and they’ll be able to kill enemies much faster.

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