March 23, 2023

It is time to supercharge your blockchain project with the Full Moon in Aquarius. To all of you stargazers out there, are you ready for the final supermoon of 2022? For Web3 startups, DeFi projects and technology enthusiasts in the world of Blockchain this may be a great week to be inspired to experiment and let your creative side shine through.

 Do you believe that the moon can have an impact on your feelings and behavior? Lunacy comes from the Latin term lunaticus meaning moonstruck which has been used to describe people who have lost their minds or those who were living on the edge in the past.

There is an increasing body of research that suggests our actions can be heightened or changed during different lunar cycles.
If the gravitational pull of the moon causes the daily tides in the oceans, perhaps it can also cause tides in the heart and mind. 

With this in mind, let’s take a closer look at how the year’s final supermoon may provide some well-needed motivation for productive creativity and reflection. 


Sharing your creations with the world

Have you been pondering whether or not to show off your latest NFTs or approach an investor for project feedback? Community-orientated Aquarius pushes us to share our visions for the future. 

The Full Moon in Aquarius asks us to take a fresh look at the areas of passion in our lives. Reading up on this week’s full moon in Aquarius it tells us that dramatic shifts in attitudes, mindsets and the future can take place.

 Aquarius are the humanitarians of the star signs. They love to take responsibility for the future we are building but the Sturgeon Moon is also about letting go of the past. If you have been working on an NFT project that you can’t seem to finish or have a new product in the lab for a little too long, now is the perfect time to take action.
This upcoming event signals a time of change in perspective, a time to practice forgiveness, and a lifeline for those of us seeking meaning. 

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The Sturgeon Supermoon couldn’t come at a better time for many of us and it occurs just in time for radical changes both in a cosmic sense and the real sense when builders of Web3 communities showcase what they have been intensely working on for the last number of months.

Togetherness and community will thrive in a phase that celebrates the positive parts we can play in the future. The full moon in Aquarius is all about considering the bigger picture, the bigger challenges and bigger solutions for the problems facing humanity. It seems like an ideal time for the world of Web3 to flourish. 

Breaking free of conventions and expectations

As a bustle article put it, the rebellious sign of Aquarius is all about writing off convention and breaking free of expectations. Web3 has aligned itself perfectly with this Supermoon. If you are involved with a project that isn’t pushing forward or giving you room to grow this is a great time to ask the questions and seek the answers. Embracing change is liberating.

For thousands of years, people believe in the power of the moon to alter our moods and have an impact on our behavior. This is no longer folklore for animals as there is scientific research to show the effect of the moon on animal behavior. 

Funnily enough, the chemical reaction that animals have to light involves a protein called cryptochrome. As reported in a BBC report “Cryptochrome is a key component of the molecular clocks that drive 24-hour “circadian” rhythms in our cells and tissues, including the brain.”

 There is evidence that moonlight adjusts the daily clock of animals and fine tunes their reproductive cycles. Fascinating right? Now ask yourself, what if humans let our animalistic side loose during this phase? More research is required but for now, let’s use the moon’s brightness and lunar energy to drive our creative projects forward.

During a super full moon, the light we retrieve is around 30% brighter than usual. In one study, researchers found that wild birds’ heart rate and body temperature increased significantly during the period of a supermoon. 

Letting your animalistic side loose during this phase may be fruitful for creative ideas in the future. Would it be so bold as to encourage Bored Apes, Toadz, FatCats and other animal-based NFT collections to howl at the final Supermoon of the year?

When is the Sturgeon Supermoon, aka Full moon in Aquarius?

If you are in the US expect the Sturgeon Supermoon to pass by you on August 11th. For us Europeans, early in the hours of August 12th, we will catch the best view of the year’s final supermoon.

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