May 19, 2024


About Lois Hollis: Lois Hollis, RN BSN REV, shifts our opinion on one of the most forbidden subjects: shame and guilt.

Depression, anxiety, 30 years of migraine headaches, and pain were Lois’ life until she learned the dangers of shameguilt (not shame and guilt.) She shares her 15 years’ experience as a ShameGuilt Educator, Counselor, Filmmaker to offer health and spiritual maturity.

Lois entered the health field as a Nurse’s Aide at 12 and continues today at 78. As a trailblazer, she developed one of the first Kidney Hemodialysis centers in the USA. Today, she establishes shameguilt as an independent study.

Lois’ film Out of Discord Into Harmony teaches us HOW to communicate our emotions and inner critic. “IM Good Film” makes shameguilt visible to illustrate its trickery and how to kick it out. She is the author of three books and podcasts. “Now is The Time,” a collection of her soul readings, helps us stop the negative shameguilt energy.

In this episode, Kim Andryc, Lora Solomon, and Lois Hollis discuss:

Changing our relationship with the parasitic shameguilt energy.  The connection between our emotional self, our spiritual self, and our physical self.  Speaking directly to your emotions.  The effort it takes to be sane in a world where insanity is the norm

Key takeaways:

Shameguilt energy turns our positive emotions to negative ones: our compassion to depression, intuition to anxiety, and passion to anger.  We cannot stay in the state of shame and guilt. On the Hawkin’s scale, the only energy lower than shame is death.  It is impossible to make a good decision when you’re feeling guilty. We have been in a space of insanity for so long, as a society, that we have started to call it normal.  We can move out of insanity and into a sane space by escaping the shameguilt hold.

“Shameguilt is not ours to own. We are all perfect creations.” — Lois Hollis


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