December 1, 2023

With Ramattra officially in Competitive for Overwatch 2, here are some tips and tricks for the new tank to help you climb with the omnic. After running down his abilities and what they do, each has its own uses that might not be obvious to new players. Especially with this tank’s tempo style with a form switch ability, Ramattra might take some time to get used to, but here are some ways to speed up that process.

Ramattra ability rundown

To start, let’s go over Ramattra and his kit along with some interesting things you may have not noticed right away while trying him out.

Void Accelerator/Pummel

These two abilities are his primary attacks, with Void Accelerator in his omnic form and Pummel in his Nemesis form.

As is key for Ramattra’s kit, his omnic form is ranged while his Nemesis form is melee. The Void Accelerator fires projectiles at your opponents, similar to Orisa but with less damage and a reload mechanic. Right-clicking with it summons a shield where you aim. The Pummel is a melee with good damage and some range, but requires aim, unlike Reinhardt’s hammer. Right-clicking with it allows you to block incoming damage while moving slower, like Doomfist’s Power Block. There is one passive benefit for the Nemesis form, as the form allows you to move faster.

Ramattra Overwatch 2
Ramattra using the Void Accelerator. | Provided by Michael Czar.

One tip for both of these abilities is to swap between them at crucial moments. Use Void Accelerator when you need to poke enemies, but Pummel to finish off ones close to you.

Ravenous Vortex

This ability lets Ramattra throw an orb that when it lands on the ground, affects enemies in a radius. While within that radius, enemies take some damage over time while getting grounded; unable to jump while moving slower. Similar to Sojourn’s Disruptor Shot, this ability can make spaces hard for enemies to get through, or can prevent enemies from running away.

For this ability, due to how it sends enemies to the ground, it can be used in tight spaces against flying enemies like Mercy, Pharah, and Echo. If it lands on them, they should be easy pickings.

Nemesis Form/Form Swap

This ability is what you use to swap between your two forms as Ramattra. His omnic form has a shield that has 1000 HP, while his Nemesis form has added armor and speed.

Because of this, swapping to Nemesis form outside of spawn allows you to get back in the fight faster. By the time you get there, you should have the swap back, or at least a shield to keep you up until you do.


Ramattra’s ultimate ability is very strong if supported correctly. Using the ultimate will shift Ramattra into his Nemesis form, creating a wide swarm around him. This does damage to all nearby enemies and lasts three seconds. However, the duration is paused when you do damage with your melee or other abilities, meaning it can extend much longer in team fights.

The one tip for this is that you have to use it when you know you can hurt your enemies. If you can get this off at the start of a fight, this can last much longer and do a lot more damage to your enemies. Just make sure to be careful, as your enemies will focus you down fast.

Other key Ramattra tips for Overwatch 2

Asides from the tips on each ability, you need to know when to use Ramattra and when not to in Overwatch 2. Ramattra is at his best when he is in his Nemesis form, as that is where a lot of his damage comes from. So, picking him on close-range maps like Nepal, Kings Row and Ilios makes sense. He isn’t bad on ranged maps, especially since his shield can force hitscan enemies to move, but his damage is lacking there.

Lastly, positioning as Ramattra matters a lot, especially in his omnic form. Using his Nemesis form just to tank some hits and heal up is necessary sometimes. But, that will make the next fight a bit tougher, so know when to go in and when not to.

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