May 29, 2023

 Welding Gas or Shielding Gas Market Insights

Welding or shielding gasses are inert or semi-inert gases used in welding procedures. These gases can protect the weld from water vapor and oxygen, and can improve the weld quality. Market Research Future (MRFR), studied the world welding gas or shielding gas market and revealed that the welding gas global market 2022 can expand at 5% CAGR across the forecast period (2022 to 2030).

Key Players

MRFR profiled reputed welding gas or shielding gas dealers. They are; Air Liquide SA, Iceblick Ltd., Taiyo Nippon Sanso Corporation, Praxair, Inc., Air Products & Chemicals, Inc., Gulf Cryo, SIG Gases Berhad, Messer Group GmbH, The Linde Group, and Iwatani Corporation. MRFR report reveals insights on contributions by these key players and financial aspects for better understanding of the wielding gas market dynamics. An extensive competitive analysis of the welding gas market has been performed by MRFR that includes primary and secondary research. A holistic study of the competitive landscape of the welding gas or shielding gas market can assist investors make rational decisions.

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The construction industry dynamics can influence the welding gas or shielding gas market. The high frequency of welding processes, such as metal gas arc welding, shielded arc welding, and tungsten metal arc welding in the sector can dictate the rise of the shielding gas market. The rapid expansion of the construction industry can underpin the expansion of the worldwide welding gas or shielding gas market. In developed regions, the automobile sector can gain substantial revenue for the market owing to on-going developments and upgradation of existing infrastructure. The high costs of these volatile gases can limit their use. However, opportunities around wielding gas outweigh challenges, thus improve the overall growth of the shielding gas market.

Scope Of Welding Gas or Shielding Gas Industry Ecosystems

Revenue Growth Rate (CAGR) by 20305%
Market Growth Forecast2023 – 2030
Emerging Market Segmentsby Type (Argon, Carbon Dioxide, Others), by Application (Gas Metal Arc Welding, Tungsten Gas Arc Welding, Others)
Market Survey DataRecession Impact, Pricing Analysis, Patent Analysis, Value Chain Analysis, Policy and Regulations, Disruptions And Trends, Supply And Demand Trends, International Competition and others.
Market Opportunity & Predictions inAsia-Pacific
Product Mapping by RegionsRest of America, US, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, Germany, UK, Russia, Italy, Rest Of Europe, China, Japan, India, South Korea, Rest Of Asia-Pacific, Saudi Arabia, UAE, Iran, Qatar, Rest Of The Middle East, South Africa, Nigeria, Rest Of Africa, ROW

Market Segmentation

Segmental insights of the wielding gas market assist investors detect potential revenue generation areas. MRFR studied the world welding gas or shielding gas market based on type and application. Argon, carbon dioxide, and others are type based segments of the wielding gas market. The growing need for argon as shielding gas for TIG welding can generated considerable revenue for the market. The availability of different types of welding gases and the high effect of shielding gas on welding can boost the shielding gas global market. Tungsten gas arc welding, Gas metal arc welding, and others are application based segments of the market. The growing need for gas metal arc welding due to rise in a manufacturing and construction dynamism can prompt the rise of the global welding gas market growth.

Regional Analysis

The regional analysis of the wielding gas market allows investors identify growth spots across the entire globe. The wielding gas market in APAC accounted for the highest share of the world market. Across the assessment period, the wielding gas market in the Asia Pacific region can garner significant revenue reveals MRFR study. Powerful economies, China and India are likely to lead the regional market growth curve. The rise in infrastructural activities and growing tangibility of megaprojects are expected to cause the rise of the wielding gas market in the near future. The high utility of shielding gas for MIG welding across the growing energy sector, construction sector, and others can spur the regional market growth. The disposable income of people and the rise in purchase power can impact the regional market to a large extent. The high rate of housing, energy, and automotive activities can cause the welding gas market to sustain at a brilliant growth rate in the APAC region in the years to come.

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Some of the Key Evaluation Pointers of Welding Gas or Shielding Gas Market Report Data 2023:

  1. Emerging Markets
  2. Developed Markets
  3. Market Growth Forecast
  4. Market Entry Strategies
  5. Emerging Markets Outlook
  6. Market Survey Data
  7. Vendor Share Research
  8. Vendor Strategies
  9. Vendor Assessment
  10. Market Share By Company
  11. Regional Footprint
  12. Market Regional Statistics
  13. Market Share Data
  14. Market Share By Region
  15. Market Regional Expansion
  16. Market Regional Assessment
  17. Export, Import Data, And Market Share
  18. Volume/Value, Future Growth Potential
  19. Long Term (~10 Years) Price Outlook
  20. Future Business Outlook and many more.

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