May 29, 2023

One-step RT PCR refers to reverse transcriptase and DNA polymerase being premixed in a single tube by a one-step approach. This allows the RT and subsequent amplification steps to be performed in a single reaction. PCR is a technique used for DNA amplification. Discovered by Kary B. Mullis in the early 1980s, this approach is considered the gold standard in nucleic acid analysis. RT-PCR can obtain DNA from the RNA template when working with RNA as a starting material.

Amerigo Scientific’s 1Step RT PCR Kit incorporates the 20X RT and RNase Inhibitor mix for efficient reverse transcription and the 2X PCR Mastermix for subsequent amplification of cDNA in the same tube. The PCR Mastermix contains proprietary Hot Start Taq DNA Polymerase, which has stronger RNA affinity and thermal stability, extension capability to complex secondary structure RNA templates, and higher amplification efficiency and specificity to cDNA after reverse transcription, ensuring fast, highly-specific and ultra-sensitive amplification of RNA targets for use in a broad range of downstream applications.

Since the 1Step RT PCR Kit adopts the one-step method to enable RT and PCR to be carried out in the same reaction system, no reagent needs to be added and the tube cover does not need to be opened in the reaction process, thus avoiding cross-contamination between samples and improving the detection sensitivity. Additionally, this kit is an all-in-one-tube Mastermix that can improve the speed, convenience, and accuracy of RT-PCR.

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