November 29, 2023
What is the price of yellow sapphire stone in India?

What is the price of yellow sapphire stone in India?

Yellow sapphire stones have captivated the hearts of gemstone aficionados in India for generations due to their beautiful color and mysticism. These gleaming stones are prized not just for their beauty but also for their astrological significance and medicinal abilities. If you’re thinking about getting this golden-hued gem, you should know how much it costs in India. Yellow Sapphire Price in India comes in a variety of forms, from inexpensive to high-end, magnificent jewels.

Yellow sapphire stone price in India: The Influence

  • Color: The color of a Pukhraj stone is the most important aspect in deciding its price. The greater the value, the more vivid and brilliant the yellow. The most desired color is a pure canary yellow with no overtones. Green or brown tinges might cause a drop in the Pukhraj stone price in India. When it comes to sapphire stones, color is the most important determinant of pricing. The most desirable Pukhraj stones are those with a bright, canary yellow color.
  • Clarity: Another critical component is the clarity of the stone. The more costly Pukhraj Stone has fewer inclusions. Eye-clean stones with few defects are highly valued. Pukhraj Stone is inherently eye-cleaning. Rutile needles are a common source of clarity difficulties. An eye-clean stone Yellow sapphire stone price in India. is far more valuable than one with visible inclusions. 
  • Carat Weight: The Pukhraj stone price rises with its carat weight, much like the price of other gemstones. Larger stones are rarer and, hence, more costly. They are, however, somewhat denser than diamonds; therefore, a sapphire and a diamond of the same carat weight will have different measurements. Despite having the same weight, a yellow sapphire stone will be smaller than a diamond.
  • Cut: A well-cut yellow sapphire increases its brightness and overall attractiveness. A badly cut stone may not properly reflect light, lowering its value. The cut should maximize light play, causing the stone to dazzle and glitter. A dull yellow sapphire stone price in India is not as valuable as a vibrant and dazzling sapphire. Because there are no standard cuts for yellow sapphire as there are for diamonds, it is critical to consider how the cut impacts light. Pukhraj Stone is available in a variety of cuts. 
  • Origin: Pukhraj stones from particular countries, like Sri Lanka and Burma (Myanmar), are known for their outstanding quality. These sapphires are usually more expensive.

Heat treatment is commonly used to enhance the color and clarity of yellow sapphires. Natural, untreated stones are more expensive, but they are also extremely rare.

Price Points

Yellow sapphire stone prices in India can range from a few thousand rupees to several lakhs. There are a variety of factors that affect the value of this stone, just like other stones. Here are some things to think about while purchasing Yellow Sapphire Stone in India. 

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