July 16, 2024


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A proposal to track gold bars with blockchain technology

The authors of this article focus on the banking transactions charged for storing gold safely. There is $500 billion worth of gold stored in the big four banks in London. Some think it is time for a change in how this is managed and are looking at blockchain technology as a transparent way to reform the gold market.

The Era of a paywalled restaurant is upon us

Gated NFT collections and events became popular as more celebrities embarked on their NFT journeys earlier this year. We saw the Bored Ape Yacht Club team up with Eminem and the World of Women team up with Madonna for exclusive access to events in New York City. This is not a new concept. Rather it is taking club membership to a new level. In this thought-provoking piece, Rachel Sugar walks us through the transition from electronic reservation systems to NFTs granting perks to their holders.

How Snoop Dogg is the definition of a blockchain hustler

From 10,000 doggies NFT collection to selling land in the Snoopverse in The Sandbox to event partnerships with Bored Apes, Snoop Dogg is certainly dynamic when it comes to experimenting with every aspect of Web3. Rory gives us a definition of a blockchain hustler as “someone who’s unequivocally aware of the unlimited avenues of opportunity which Web3 presents — whether that be in lifestyle, gaming, content creation, wealth accumulation, or any other facet of 21st-century living.” Many existing brands in Web2 could learn from Snoop Dogg’s time in the Web3 space. 

DeFi abandons ponzinomics for real yield

In this article, Max Parasol, walks us through why liquidity mining was not sustainable in the long term. He stresses that returns based on “marketing dollars are fake.” He interviews several protocols about the definition of ‘real yield’. If you are interested in learning about where DeFi came from and in what direction it is going then this is an informative article that provides interesting insights into some of the lending and borrowing models being trialed across Web3 ecosystems.

How will we decorate our virtual homes in the metaverse?

 Taking the idea that in the metaverse users are free to run wild with their imaginations, Lisa walks us through some ideas for decorating different environments. From iconic skulls in Upland to a never-ending wardrobe of nike runners in The Sandbox. It is time to get playful with virtual architecture and interior design.

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